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  1. to tie up or be tied up?

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    ToGlidLily - we are also really enjoying it also and so pleased that we discovered it, even though at first we weren't sure as soon as we tried it for the first time we were hooked. I enjoy it every time we play and not in any real hurry to take it further but good to see steps to take when the time arises. Certainly given me some ideas and some good advice.

    Sex Squid - thank you for the link, read the review really helpful, it will be just a case of talking about it first then being brave and doing it. Once tried we can decide from then on.

    Thank you all for your advice it's much appreciated and helpful

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    My advice, having had more than one bondage partner is to get the communication really really clear. You MUST establish your boundaries and have a clear signal (safe word). You MUST respect your partner's limits. Obviously we all want to be taken to the limit but we can only trust someone who we know will not abuse the power we give them. Some people are surprisingly sensitive to some things. My OH for example really HATES being left alone in the dark. It isn't fun or sexy to subject someone to something they actually hate for our own gratification.

    If you and your partner really love each other and can talk frankly about desires and limits, you will have immense pleasure. Personally, I love to be controlled, punished and can take a lot of pain. My OH on the other hand is pushed over the edge by just having her hands restrained and having a vibrating love egg inserted. I have to be very very gentle to make it last more than a few minutes. She's 30 years younger so maybe it's got somethimng to do with attentuation of sensation with age, though I always loved punishment and could never find a partner severe enough.

    Go carefully. look your partner in the eye and enjoy.

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