1. Smells down there...

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    Tight boxers make Beaty Swollocks which is why it festers and smells, change to a shower gel that contains tea tree as that helps with anything that has a potential of being fungal and really loose boxers and trousers....

    I wouldn't rule out an STI but if he has then you should have by now so I would think again before suggesting it to him, also trimming the public region helps with temperature control too.

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    Eeek,poor you! It's not an easy thing to bring up but needs must! Do you think maybe he has noticed it and thats why he showers so often? Perhaps since you haven't mentioned it he thinks its only him that can smell it? Just a thought. I know my husband sweats a lot so often has a musky smell under his arms. We have been together for such a long time I will just come out with "you reapplied deodorant lately?"

    However that's his pits not his bits. Deep breath and good luck 🍀

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    I think the best thing to do would be to have an open and honest conversation with him. It sounds like you really care about him which is amazing and talking about things like this can be hard - but its all about caring for someone elses wellbeing. Hopefully he will be able to understand that.

    I think visting a doctor would be best as there may be an allergy somewhere, body problem, it may be safe to get an STI check as well. Always better to have that type of relief!

    I know if I was in a similar situation with my partner I would definitely want them to let me know so we could move on from it :)

    Good luck x

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    Just tell him straight. It's the only way


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    OMG I am too honest for my own good... I would say "hey have you noticed THIS?! because it doesn't look normal to me and you had better get this checked out incase it is baceterila or a yeast issue becuase it will affect me too."


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    I found this online that may help:

    The head of the people has glands under the foreskin that produce fluid, smegma, to allow the foreskin to move over the head of the penis easily. When the head of the penis isn't regularly cleaned, the smegma can start to smell and form white lumpy discharge.

    Good personal hygiene is most important with smegma:

    • When cleaning the head of the penis retract the foreskin fully
    • Clean the penis with clean water and clean hands
    • Don't use any soap when cleaning the head of the penis
    • Afterwards use a clean towel and put on clean underwear
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    I personally wouldn't be going anywhere near his manhood.


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    Hi KC 86 , this is how amazing this forum is but stop just stop a minute before you go marching him of to the GP.

    There are several things to be considered here especially your OH s upbringing and hygiene education

    .do you know of his parents or guardians. Its almost expected these days for guys to understand how to wash his penis. He simply may never of been shown. This is one of the poor excuses as to why many parents would have boys circumsized., instead of teach their son an embarrassing personal hygiene routine.

    What you are describing as cheese is Smegma. It the build up of dead skin and bacteria from old semen .. If a man masterbates and does not wash under the rim of the penis head with in 12 hours plus his fore skin covers it up you will have Smegma very quickly.

    STI s are very unlikely to chase the cheesy scent. It could be thrush but he would be very uncomfortable.

    My suggestion as a caring partner is ask him if he was ever shown how to wash his penis and if not share a bath or shower show him yourself and once its washed and clean reward him with a hand job then wash it again showing the importance post ejaculation. To clean again.

    Good luck and I hope it improves your relationship. Its wonderful you felt you could post your question here.x


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    He must be aware of it too I'd like to think. If there was something off in my lady garden I would know. And I think he should be bringing it up to you. I understand its embarrassing but he's not bringing iit up so you need to as its affecting your sex-life, possibly his health, and could even your relationship because of the sex-life drying up and it'll probably be noticed that you're not fully committed during which will be a concern for your partner.

    As others have suggested it could be a number of things, a gp visit will determine the problem.

    As for bringing iit up, could you in an intimate moment say "what's that I've noticed a few times but didn't know how to bring the subject up,"? You'll both feel so much better after discussing it and seeing the drs, so the initial embarrassment is well worth it.

    All the best hunni 👍💖xx

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    I think the gp calls are premature, it sounds like hygiene. He's likely not pulling back his foreskin properly when showering. It might even be it's sometimes uncomfortable to do so so he's out of the habit.
    It is a bit odd that he's not noticed it but maybe he has and feels u comfortable about it and mightily relieved you seemingly haven't noticed, and hasn't put two and two together and realised why it's happening.
    Can't think of any realistic delicately fun way putting it (turning it into a game of washing it for him sounds really cringeworthy to be honest!), so straight talking is the probably the way to go. I'd much rather anything similar was raised like that if it was me

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    I agree with those who think he may have noticed and that's why he's showering multiple times a day. I don't know how you can have a build-up of something and not notice it to be honest. He may be thinking you haven't noticed, which is why he hasn't mentioned it. He also might be hoping that it will go away on it's own.

    I would get in the shower with him and clean it for him once or twice, then I'm sure he'll pick up on how to clean himself properly following that :)

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    oh no sounds awful. I too would gag!

    I would 100% book a doctors appointment. how have u been, down there? you should get yourself checked too.

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    Just as an aside, when he gets the GP appointment, make sure he doesn't wash it off before going.... They'll need to see it and may even want a sample/swab for testing.

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    Oh god! Poor you! Wouldn't be able to not say something. You need to tell him for your own sake! Me personally, wouldn't let him near me... sorry!

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    Oh no, get him told, wash your knob, you have helmetdale!

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