1. The First Squirting Experience

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    I wanted to share how amazing it was when me and my girlfriend experienced her squirting for he first time.

    we had been out and came home feeling quite horny for each other. We couldn't hold back and were undressing each other rather quickly. She was down to her knickers and I was stroking her through them, moving them to one side feeling her totally smooth pussy, I inserted two fingers and started to fuck her with them, harder and harder, she was moaning and bucking her hips, and all of a sudden whoosh, gush after gush of warm squirting liquid flowed out of her. If felt amazing for me, but she was in ecstasy.

    we can't get enough of it now, and are still perfecting it, but we really know exactly how to make her squirt, and I can feel it building up now and can seem to control when she squirts or not. It is so very hot we love it.

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    I'm glad you enjoyed your first squirting experience.

    Here is another thread already on squirting where you could get more advice or just to chat about it some more.


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