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  1. Judgemental or what?

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    ahaha. the first time i tried it i loved it! and i love every aspect! i have plenty of arse related toys too! Sir always loves giving me anal and we're slowly adding in me playing with him (though thats more my shyness) oh and relating to the porn thing i have never watched porn and i still love it!

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    Gentle giant wrote:

    glittergirl wrote:

    Gentle giant wrote:

    P51, um one small Question meant none judgmental and I might add a little tongue in check.

    Who the hell goes to mumsnet to ask about bumsex? Lol

    I would not ask my bin man to extract a tooth for me lol

    bahahaha this made me spit coffee . ✋

    Nice to know a little humour can be shared .

    had me in stitches took words right out my mouth as i screwed up face thinking why the fudge would go on mums net for that i know as mums spend so much time wiping up mess but anal is a bit out there for that site 😂😂🙈
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    is malinformed a word? or did i just make that up?

    yes it is a word http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Malinformation&defid=3904405

    and if you cant talk about what you might like or even not like with your partner then who can you talk to about it

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    The best thing they could do is to talk to their partner with their thoughts and concerns. I agree on the points that you shouldn't do things just to please another, but to jump straight to suggesting they dump them, that they are a pervert etc is a pretty steep escalation! You'd think being in their 40s they'd have a bit more tact or sense to at least discuss this in person outside of any time they have sex so assumptions aren't made etc and it can be properly discussed between two adults.

    As far as disgust goes, people can consider some acts to be disgusting and wouldn't ever want to go beyond being asked and that's fine but it's a bit far to accuse somebody who does it of being a pervert. I may think they're a bit odd but everybody is different.

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