1. The way writing reviews make you feel?

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    Only recently ive decided too start writing reviews on the products me and my wife have bought off love honey!!! well what can i say why havent i done this sooner! love asking my wife how differant toysmake her feel and talking about us using them brings back some amazing memories and turns us both on so much we end up using themall over again its great. does any one else get the same affect from writing them ?


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    I agree it can be quite fun. Unfortunately for me time is my enemy at the moment.

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    I enjoy writing reviews - mainly for lingerie - yes it is great thinking about the 'testing' in order to write the review, but sometimes I find my mind works so quickly I often don't get everything in the review that I wanted to put in. Sometimes I think I put too much detail in and anyone reading it may not quite reach the end. Trying to find a happy medium can be very difficult.

    I have learnt to write a 'document draft' now rather than writing straight on the review page, this has helped a bit.

    The other thing I am aware of is what is good for one person isn't necessarily good for another, so to keep an open mind when writing/reading reviews.

    As you can tell I do tend to waffle!!

    In answer to your original question, yes it can make me feel like that - in addition Mr LNT likes taking pics of me in my new purchases so we get to look back over them, and post them in the members pics section so others can see what the items look like.


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    Hello there, I do enjoy writing them but I have a tendency to go off on a tangent lol. Worry about boring readers but I try my best. 😊 As long as I'm honest I think is the main thing 😊

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    In terms of reading others I have a couple of favourite writers so to speak! I prefer those with natural personality & personal views, not those written like an instruction manual!!

    I find that I really like writing them, mine tend to be shorter than some as I don't focus too much on the particular shade of grey the box is unless I particular like or dislike the packaging.

    Like others i have started writing a draft first. I tend to remember more of the details, opinions and feelings. It is a lot of fun remembering how something made you feel.

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    Yes same goes for me with busy work schedule hard too fit in the time but after the affects we definately making that time somewhere.

    yes great tip pre writing a document as i also get a bit carried away and bit forgetful. Very difficult not too get carried away i find, then end up deleting some because feel sometimes get bit graphic lol.

    Yes it is great fun remembering how it made you feel

    HappyHusband79 [sign in to see picture]
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    never really thought of looking at other reviews from the writer of ones ive read and liked definately something i will do in future thanks.

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    I like to write review and I like to become a tester so this why i have decided to be more active as I want to start testing toys and getting some review for love honey.

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    Cobra you've mentioned a few times about testing things on different threads. It'd be worth reading these links. Leanne will be wanting to see your reviews to seeing your writing style and what products could be suitable. Also you need to keep your wish list up to date so remove any products no longer available for testing.


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    It's a bit of fun I think. I like trying to explain it.

    ShannonMarlene [sign in to see picture]
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    I love writing reviews. I like the feeling that I'm maybe helping someone who is having trouble choosing with an honest opinion.

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    I don't usually get aroused writing reviews but I have a couple of times. Like when I reviewed the fifty shades darker kinky set :) Although usually if it's a toy I will retest it midway through my review.. Just you know, to make sure lol

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    Love reviewing products and my OH reading them and getting all hot and bothered again. Giving your experience on a toy or outfit you've bought and used is a sure hit! Does it for us.

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    I really enjoy writing reviews for toys I have. Usually I'll know in advance the kind of things I'll want to highlight, but beforehand I'll get them out for another 'test' session and make some mental notes during, which is a lot of fun. Afterwards, I'll sit down with a nice coffee or something and write up a draft, which I like because it's making the reviewing process a part of the overall toying experience.

    I'll hopefully be picking up a few new products to review very soon. I don't think I've had any bad experiences with any of my purchases yet, so my writing style so far is mainly discussing the positives/benefits that I've experienced, and offering personal insight and encouragement into someone who might be contemplating buying these items.

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    I really enjoy writing reviews as it gives me a chance to re-live the experiences I have had with a toy or what we did when wearing certain lingerie. It usually turns me on and after a couple of reviews it's enough writing and I need some action!!

    I also like the fact that I may be helping other people try new things that will hopefully enhance their sex lives and bring them pleasure either alone or in a relationship.

    I do worry that I waffle sometimes and a proof read before submitting is always in order!

    Penny26 [sign in to see picture]
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    I enjoy writing reviews as well, It's nice thinking I can explain to new customers how the product works. I try not to be too explicit as it can put people off, I make notes of important features as I am testing the product I also ask my OH for comments from his view point, it is fun as a joint effort. Proof reading is essential!

    NaughtyNerd [sign in to see picture]
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    For me I think its good when specifications on the product are not repeated but additional stuff that is not clear is included.

    Plus on lingerie I benefit from hearing the size of the person reviewing and the size od the lingerie these purchased. I know not everyone likes to include this but it really helps getting the sizing right if there is something you can relate to.

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    I enjoy writing reviews, but sometimes I feel guilty if I'm giving a product a not-so-good review. It does make me feel like I'm good at something though; that I've won review of the month in the past, and it also goes to show that Lovehoney aren't just out to get 5* reviews with their testers. I've had a variety of testers and only once gave a 5* review, yet they still consider me :)

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    I like writing reviews. I never thought I'd be good at writing them but I seem to do ok. I never thought I'd do 50 reviews I've now made it to 121 when I got to 100 it felt like a big achievement for me.

    When writing reviews I try to write what I'd want to know for example with lingerie I always make sure I put in things like my size , hieght and body shape as that's what I'd want to read in a review.

    I love the feeling you get when a review comes together and the words just seem to flow. Whether it's a good or bad review.

    mamz [sign in to see picture]
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    I do enjoy writing reviews cause I feel that I might me helpful to someone by doing so. When my reviews get clicked as helpful, I find it to be really rewarding cause I know that it was helpful to at least one person

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