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    So, it's Christmas so I'm staying in my girlfriends parents house for a bit, it's common knowledge amongst us all that the birds next door are lesbians. So, anyway, I go upstairs for a shower earlier before dinner, open the window and straight away I can hear sex. Then I realise it's next door! So it's girl sex! Instantly I'm aroused, so of course I start masturbating. All going well, they get louder, I go faster, then... bathroom door swings open and my mother in law is standing there in a state of shock. She apologises and hurried out. Now a good few hours later I'm sitting here drinking my last whisky and I can clearly hear my mrs parents fucking upstairs. Am I a bad person for being really turned on by listening to my hot mother in law having her second orgasm from what I can work out? : /

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    My first instinct is no, but for referring to her as your hot mother in law, maybe. Why not take advantage of the situation and show the mother in law that you and her daughter have great passionate sex as well. I can see a who can orgasm loudest competition coming on.


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    For me ,I would take a cold shower ,come up with a story that you were checking your under carriage and ask youR oH to help smooth things over with your mother in law .And of course you didn't hear them making love Right !?

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    I personally would behave when visiting my in laws and I would not have any sex. But then I would likely not have sex even if I was in the position of the parents in law, if the walls are very thin, I would know too well it could be heard.

    I would not say you are a bad person, but what I dont get is your mother in law opening the door. I dont open the door, if someone is in there, but then I would have likely lock it, if I was in that position, just to avoid being caught.

    I guess overall, it is an embarassing situation all over.

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    Hi and welcome well this does not make you bad person is human nature to get turned on by sex noise. for me I can not say I have had something like happen to me but its only human nature but having sex while you are home might not been the best bet i know my parents don't and even any of my family. I guess is one of those situation lol I am not sure in what advice to give you as I have never come across this. So I am sorry I can not be helpful.

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