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  1. Photography as in the bedroom

    Addison Duggan [sign in to see picture]
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    I would like to offer some advice if I may. A lot of people (mainly men) try this and fall at the first hurdle, the reason why is very simple, they didn't bother to consult their partners.

    A little conversation goes a long way gents. Try talking to your partner about the sexiest positions that she shares with you in the bedroom, and how you would love a photo of her posing for you in your wallet. Everyone loves to be flattered, don't they? A little flattery can take you a long way, and who knows, you may unleash their inherent porn star tendencies!

    Give it and try and trust me when I say this, you will both have fun trying ;)


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    I think the problems with pictures especially if they are in uncompromising positions is that they can too easlily end up in the wrong hands . I have heard so many horror stories about photos getting onto the net etc . Some of the problems are associated when the relationship breaks down as well and can be used by the gilted partner in a mischeavous way .But each to their own .

    I have to say its not for us as a couple as neither of us like having our pictures taken in the first place and thats with clothes on !

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    Communication is indeed great advice, and should be applied to all aspects of the relationship. Lighting is key IMO to boudoir type photos - the built in camera flash is unforgiving...

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    Mmm, flattery wouldn't lead me to take a photo for anyones wallet!

    I'd say the reason a lot of men fall at the first hurdle, as you say, would be because many people wouldn't be comfortable with having erotic photographs of themselves taken (and especially printed out and carried around in a wallet-eek!). My advice would be to have the conversation certainly, but respect a refusal- don't try to manipulate the response you want through flattery. Also be prepared to compromise- not everyone wants to be a fetish model or porn star after all, suggestive shots with nothing showing can be just as sexy :)

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    in my opinion, putting aside the topic of photos getting on the net, regenge postings,etc. a lot of the trouble is while the idea might sound hot, the end result is rubbish, poor pictures, poor composition, rushed shots, and unskilled photographers.

    I do trust my hubby, and we have tried it a couple of times, the first was my idea, however the end results end up being deleted, very unflattering, blury, etc.

    my hubby is actually a half decent photographer, what we have done, and only for our own pleasure is take some sexy, nude pictures, much calmer, much better planned and nice scenery set, even once took some while out in a corn field!! the results are a million times better, lighting, composure etc this way it is more fun to take the pictures, feel much sexier.

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    I also just spotted this...

    published today, oddly enough


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    Camera, lens, lighting and filters and I would certainly recommend a tripod. Remote control also helps. Best of all a willing model for those pictures to be any good.

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    Hi thank you and I do not like the idea lol many due to the fact in today's digital age it's so easy to get these photos going to wrong person. Apps have now taken over and so many dating apps sex apps and more. Have photos are fine but for me I don't like the idea. Thier not a lot of decent and trustful people 99% would cheat with 1% being good and going to cheat or do anything to break the marriage. But people cheat only because of other situations in life like if their partner is not loving or more. I have gone off topic lol. Any way I don't like this idea.

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