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    I'm considering purchasing a douche and I'd like to ask you all the sorts of things I should know before using one.
    What's it like to use, what should I do to prepare, what's it like afterwards and any personal tips you might have?

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    Read these reviews. Look for one by Lioness86. There's directions for use, and tips all through the reviews.

    Personally that's the product i chose, and i have used it a few times already. The shaft is small and if lubed you wont feel much. Upon squirting the warm water in, well it's a difficult feeling to put into words, but it is pleasurable. Passing the water back out is like going to the toilet, give your poop shoot a big 'ol squeeze to get the last of the water out.

    I repeated 3 times. The feeling of being clean (and you do actually feel clean) is second to none, and the confidence you get from knowing there will be no embarrassing sights on your toys or partners bits, is great. Totally well worth doing .

    Good luck !

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    Here's everything you need to know about preparing and using!


    As for personal tips and peoples experiences, I think you'll find most of those on the forum and in the reviews. Here are a couple of old threads that might be helpful :)



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    When I wrote my review of the LH douche, I tried to be comprehensive in what people might want to know, check it out...!


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    That's a really good review Sub. Very informative!

    I did consider douching as we have recently started anal play but I have had surgery to repair a twisted bowel. I don't know if I should really risk it or if it isn't an issue.

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    I've never used one so thanks for asking this as I'm considering one too.
    What I do know is not to use it too often as it can alter your levels up there which can be harmful.

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