1. Early Christmas Present

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    OH and I each have a pair of CFMs - come f*** me boots. When either is wearing it means that we're in the mood for some serious sex. Great to come home to! Today OH revealed she'd extended the code: now there's three pairs. One for sex, one for hard sex and one for really hard sex! Better still she said she intended to wear one pair of other every day of December. Looks like Christmas will not be the only thing to make December memorable!

    So anyone else planning their own Advent calendar of action?

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    Ooh great idea! Might see if it sparks an interest with the hubby

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    Sounds a lot of fun. No plans for advent for us but oh has bought a couple of things from here on Black Friday so they should keep us busy this month hopefully.
    I do already own quite a few pairs of boots which I wear all of the time from ankle, knee and thigh high but they aren't particularly for sex although oh likes them he prefers me to wear stiletto court shoes because he loves my legs 😊

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    We do something similar - an advent calendar. OH and I take alternate days to put something behind a window and that determines what we'll do tonight. So far this month we've had

    1 DEC (OH) Hard on doggystyle

    2 DEC (me) gentle passionate sex

    3 DEC (OH) Car sex

    4 DEC (Me) Tonight! Leather sex.

    Christmas eve is the biggie with both of us adding our wants!

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    Hey we have a thread talking about Christmas fun times here :


    Please use this above thread and I will close this one :) 

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