• Upside-down orgasms...?

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    YEARS ago I remember hearing about the idea that orgasms are really intense if you are hanging upside down, like by your ankles. I got thinking about that and had a Google, seems there is a bit out there about the idea. One tip was to, on your back on a bed, hang your head off the side during orgasm. Much more was written about bondage, but that's not what we're after. Obviously actually hanging by ones ankles isn't so easily orchestrated, but if it was true we could invest in an inversion table. Any one experiment with this? Was it good?

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    I have tried hanging my head off the side off the bed once or twice and I think orgasms do feel more intense, it's probably due to the blood rushing to the head

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    I suppose there's logic in there somewhere - blood rush to the head and whatnot.

    Anyway, you might be able to acheive desire effect with one of these: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/bondage/sex-swings-machines/sex-swings/

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    I feel dizzy just thinking about it 😵 interesting though!

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    Does that mean I wont get an erection if im upside down

    Sounds interesting though, will have to google it some more!

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    I have this http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=31084 and the answer is yes 😊

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