1. Tantric massage

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    Hi my girlfriend wants to have a tantric massage. Are they real or just one of the things that people talk about. And do you know where you could get one x

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    Tantric massage and practice is real. It's about emotions, and inner energy, as well as connection. You can get books on it and experience it together. There are also coaches you can use, some will do cam teaching too. It's a great way to connect :-).

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    To start you off you could do shared breathing, where you literally kiss and inhale, and exale, back a forward on the same breath of air, from one of you, and one of you will exale then inhale through their nose, while the other holds their breath, to wait for the next freash breath. You need to do this every few passes of breaths, for obvious reasons. But it makes a very strong intimate bond, and emotional connection. You become dependant on the one that does the freash air intake, that takes so much trust.

    You will have to get a book, or find something on U tube for the rest, I just thought you could try that while you get a book. It's something I want to get into, just never had the partner to do it with.

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    Had to look this up.

    Sounds interesting.

    Looks like LoveHoney has a very good guide for it


    But, unfortunately out of stock

    We need to get leanne on that


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    I have reviewed this book, it was a bit heavy going to be honest. You can research it on line and do as much of it as you fancy, and leave out the parts that won't work for you.

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    This is a massive subject and there is something for everyone! It really works and the results can be mind blowing! Everyone is different and it's just a case of finding what works for you.

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    Need to find some were that dose it really if anyone can help in the essex if possible x

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