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  1. Tips and position advice

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    Been with a new guy for a few months now. All going well. Nice and passionate, no complaints. Looking for a little advice though.

    The man is overweight so has a bit of a tummy. No big deal as I've gained a bit due to cosy nights in with nice meals.

    Sex position wise me on top and doggy works good and is very enjoyable. I like to straddle him and would love him to cum in that position however think the tummies hinder that a bit. I'm planning on losing some weight though.

    I feel things don't work well if he's on top. He can't lie on me due to weight and I feel his knees get a but sore and maybe arms if he's holding himself up. Think it's maybe a bit tiring.

    So guess I'm asking - any hot tips for positions of any other fun stuff that is kind to weight? Due to work schedules we don't see each other that often so we always have fun when together.

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    Hey, Mrs Pip

    My sister had a similar situation with her boyfriend at the time.

    Other than cowgirl and doggy, the main help is pillows underneath your butt/hips

    Once you have them there, it helps keep a lot of his weight off you and you are able to try more positions with him on top with also less strain on him to keep from squishing you.

    Also with pillows you can lift one or both legs getting a bit better penetration.

    That is all I can remember now. It has been a few years since she discussed it with me. I can talk to her tomorrow maybe and see if what else she had come up with.


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    I don't know if there is a name for this one but I'm going to describe it.

    Woman on her back on the edge of the bed or a table,

    Man stands at end of bed/table,

    Woman puts her feet up so they sit at the side of mans head.

    The man can hold the woman's hips to aide thrusting.

    I hope you follow, worth a try.

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    Definitely what the others have suggested and then of course spooning is good and little effort required 😊

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    Yeah we've tried my legs up at his head. Like this position.

    Things seem to be good but you know I'm just looking to see what's out there. It's all fun that's for sure.

    He doesn't cum that quickly (but it's not ages either) but I feel his weight is maybe tiring him out a little as he "bangs away" ;)

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    Try this position it's less energetict, as he is not having to support him self, or lift his body weight to thrust.

    You lay on your side, with the lower leg straight down, lift your upper most leg, and bend it at the knee. He then straddles your thigh and hitches forward to get in you, he can then hook one hand under your raised thigh and put the other one on your lower back to give him something to steady you as he thrusts. This will also help if he has weight around his penis; as your bum pushes his flesh back against his body as he pushes forward, giving him a bit more length to work with, plus he gets to not be on the bottom.

    This one I think is called the x position because your bodies form an x shape. You lay on your back, lift your legs, he lays on his side at 90 degrees to you,and moves up to you until he is in you. You can then bring your legs down from the knees. He just stays on his side and rocks backwards and forwards. If you need to put more force into it, just take each others hand to pull against.

    This variation of spooning is good, you lay on your side and pull your knees up, as far as you can, and straighten your legs out a bit from the knee. He lays on his side his legs along side yours, one hand on your hip. You are now in standing doggy possition; only laid on your sides.

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