• Hooked on anal and prostate stimulation!!!

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    Ever since my wife begged me to take my V with a strap on, I'm hooked!!!

    I never thought I'd enjoy it as much as I did, but 2 years on and nothing's changed and I just want it all the time!

    I think she worries I've turned gay, but I tell her it's not the gender, it's the stimulation!

    Ive got to admit I do wonder what a real cock fells like lol!!!

    does anyone else get where I'm literally coming from?

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    No, I have tried various anal toys and although they make solo orgasms more exotic and a bit more intense I have never really felt like my prostrate was being stimulated the way others describe.

    It just felt pleasant but I have never felt that a girl could "milk" it and make me come that way.

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    Hi guys. Getting enjoyment from anal doesn't mean you are gay, just human. If a real cock isn't your thing then try some of the great dildos available. I find that I don't get any prostate sensation when being fucked but I do really enjoy the stretching feeling on my anus. We occasionally try cock and dildo at the same time, very intense!

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    My wife started my obsession with my 'P' spot using her finger, it gives me the strongest orgasms!

    I don't get the full on prostate sensation either when I'm fucked, it's just the whole role reversal and letting my wife be in control that does it for me, she will tell he to wank my cock whilst she fucks me, it's intense!

    we play with dildos a lot, one of her rabbits has a gyrating head and that great for hitting the P.

    But she thinks I'm turning gay lol, I tell her all the time I'm not attracted to men, just a cock in my ass 😈😂😈

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    Yep I get it. My wife and I are rather heavily into her anally exploring me. Been doing it for a few years now moving on from her dildos to her fisting me and now strap ons. I love her fisting me and being milked by her. She also gives me a very hard seeing to with one of several strap ons with me being able to take the very large twelve inch vac u loc dildo.

    Whether she is fisting or wearing the strap on, which actually hangs down to her knees, she really loves it and gets very turned on and carried away. Her pussy really opens, swells up and she pees and orgasms whilst banging away at me.

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    I have been experimenting with anal since I was around 15. I only recently had my gf try and stimulate me as I was really embarressed at the idea of anyone knowing. Now I am embrasing it a bit more and hopefully we will explore in the future

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    Can any gay guys give a guide to pleasuring the p-spot and some tips and techniques?

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    For me, I don't really get much from the P Spot getting stimulated. I've only ever had one anal orgasm and it was from getting fucked with a huge dildo very hard and very deep. That's what will get me to have an anal orgasm if anything, I doubt I could ever orgasm from prostate stimulation. I can milk myself on queue but it's not an intense feeling of pleasure, you can just feel the cum coming out like when you pee, no other feelings from it really.

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