1. Help the role play newbies please...

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    So we kind of like the idea of trying role play, but one of us got a D in drama and the other knew not to even try! Really though, when we've dabbled in it we just get the giggles. Did anyone out there find this, and maybe overcome it? Any advice? Help?

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    Bumping in the hope Mysteron (the role play guru) sees it xxxxx

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    Not dabbled in it much ourselves unfortunately but I'm guessing alcohol will help. A relaxed night with casual drinks may 'start the party'. ✊🏽

    By the way Lovehoney has some great role play dress ups. 👌🏽

    Mr & Mrs A

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    We used to have a problem with the giggles (me more than him I think) like mad when we first started trying role play.

    I think the problem is that we know each other so well that when we first see the other in a "role" it is funny.

    You also mentioned that neither of you have any acting experience.

    You could try what we did and take advantage of others with the experience.

    I like porn where there is some sort of seduction, where maybe one appears to be a little more reluctant meaning he/she did not expect there to be sex right off.

    I am sure we have all seen porn where there is no real "set up" at all. Girl answers the door naked and the delivery guy just drops the package and they go right at it.

    But, if you find a scene where say a student is trying to get out of trouble for being caught cheating on a test, or the girl can't find the money to pay for a delivery, or speeder tries to get out of a ticket, or repair guy and customer.

    Anyways, the idea is to already have the scene prepared and acted out already and all you have to do is copy it..or at least use it as a guide.

    This takes the pressure off of you both to try to come up with how to act by yourselves.

    With experience at this, you will start to have fun coming up with your own ideas.

    With different role play, you might find yourself even experimenting with things you never would have thought to try or find you like stuff that you never thought you would.

    For example, maybe the naughty student gets a spanking for cheating before she thinks of another way to thank the teacher for not giving her an F.

    Or the spy gets tied up and "interrogated" before she gives in and tells all.

    When you get comfortable with yourselves in different "roles" the giggles usually wont be an issue.

    One of the things you could eventually do is each write a list of role play scenes you would like to try on pieces of paper, and pick one out of a bowl or something that morning to try out that evening and work out how to set it up. That way you have a while to think about it and figure out how to "get into character" without trying to make it all up on the spot.

    Maybe trade off nights to try things out. One morning you decide the scene for that night. Next week, your partner does.

    Anyways just the set up could be exciting in itself as you add costumes and props and such.

    The main thing is to have FUN.



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    Giggles fluffing lines is all part of the fun. The reason why we did some role plays was to bring humour into our sex lives. Sex previously was all to serious .

    If you want some saucy funny lines then watch a few of the Carry on films and perhaps the Confession films of the 70 s such as Confessions of a Window Cleaner .All have corny and cheesy gems which you can build in. The key thing is not to take it seriously .My French Maid by the way as an accent more kin to German.

    You don't need acting experience .Sure I did drama at school and my wife didn't and she is much better than me .

    The big advantage of role plays that you can act out some of your deepest fantasies but remember your boundaries and make sure you have safe words so you can abort the play at anytime should something be not quite  right .

    I could go on and on about role plays ,so if you have any specific questions then ask away and Welcome to the forums.

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    Wow, that's a lot of great advice...thanks! Lots there that I hadn't actually thought of. I think we've tried to rely too much on improv and I can see that some forward planning would make it smoother (and fun to think about!). Also I can see that maybe we can embrace the silliness and giggles- we're both pretty silly people and our favourite porn is films at the more humourous end of the spectrum. Wouldn't have come to that without all your input...thanks!

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