1. What do you do to let your OH know tonight is the night

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    VioletWolf wrote:

    Quite simply, I tell him 😂 I have a higher sex drive than him so it's usually me that initiates but it is literally as simple as:

    "Once the kids are in bed, I'm gonna sex you up"
    "Tonight when I get in from work, sexy time!"
    Or my favourite:
    "Mama needs some loving!" 😂

    Ha, I love the last one!

    I wish I had the balls to order my OH to the bedroom...I'm working on it.

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    I'll be wearing these http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=31809 or if I'm more dressed, when OH comes home I'll be wearing a pair of boots that are our code for 'sex needed'

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    I would be wearing a pair of the love honey mesh boxers. So when I start to undress purposefully in front of her she gets a glimpse of them on my body. This would then get her heart racing and a evening of passionate love making.

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    Lots of ways sometime
    simply i want sex haha
    Other times sexting
    Other times plan a night
    Other times just happens
    Lingerie image sent asking him to join me
    A little love letter
    If we both been busy then seriously need to sort this out my pussy needs a seeing too lol
    Somitmes a quickly
    Another times planed goes out window as have 6 kids 13years to 6 months.
    So might have teething baby or teen up late.
    Great way to get her to bed now thou we just say well if you don't go up and stick your ear phones in your hear us have sex so its your choice. At 13 she is very aware of what it is and the idea is enough to make her run.pmsl she has also replied omg not again I've herd you before im going 😂😂😂

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    My husband suffers from erectile dysfunction so sex kind of needs to be planned. He made the mistake once of taking a tablet in secret, not realising I felt really sick, I let him want over me though to relieve himself cause his penis looked like it was about to blow up 😂 He doesn't struggle to get up, he just struggles to stay up on occasions. He's only allowed 8 tablets a month though so there are many times we do it without a tablet and use a cock ring, sometimes he doesn't need anything at all.

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    Hi justfuckme what a great name we are in the same boat as you my husband suffers from erectile dysfunction too so we have to plan as well my husband takes a tablet once a week but we get to have sex the morning after and too the rest of the time I give him blow jobs and he masterbates me I think for xmas I might ask him for something special oforal sex i really enjoy it and have amazing orgasms but he doesn't like giving me oral sex so carn't remember the last time I had it my sex drive is a lot more than his so I find it very hard I just want to jump on him all the time and have to stop myself from wanting to touch him all the time too i would for him to start touching me first for a change

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    Personally I love if she sexted me more. I love the anticipation of sexplay. Also if I know what she wants to do to me that gets me in the mood instantly. So much so that I cannot think straight.
    At the moment I always have to initiate. I'll wear some sexy man pants and tell her. Or I'll put her hand on an obvious place if we're sitting on the sofa. For starters just below my belly button and under my waist band a bit. She does need a prompt. My new method is when I'm shaving I'll tell her I will just be wearing my briefs and she can come in behind me and tuck her hands and feel me up wherever she wants... I'm all hot now..!

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    I find this question very interesting. We are different people everyday and coming together (whoops) when the moods are right can be elusive but its brilliant if it comes (whoops) off.. I posted a similar question a few months back. I'll certainly keep an eye on the responses.

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