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    Have to agree with your comments Stu.

    Thinking of anything that doesn't tip us over the edge is the common way to avoid coming too early.

    One can always ensure that your OH orgasms through foreplay so at least if you don't last, you will both have reached the pinnacle of the session and not be frustrated, although to be honest this doesn't always work as a lot of women want to orgasm in foreplay and during actual penetrative sex too (as many times as they can).

    All you can do is hold out as long as possible and hope you can last the longest. Failing that apologies, toys and a throbbing tongue are your only hope of redemption.

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    I can vary depending how turned on I am or if I am teasing, if going hell for leather, probably a couple of minutes. Teasing and taking it slow, probably about 20 to 30 without stopping.

    It has been known, after a few drinks, that I last for ages and need a hand job or blow job to finish me off, after my parter had came a few times. But that is rare and it has only happened a handfull of times.

    I am much more of a foreplay to get the lady in the mood, then make sure we both climax where possible :)

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    Seasidecouple wrote:

    Hey guys
    If you had to answer honestly...how long do your guys last from entry to finishing? I know there's reports of some guys lasting over an hour...seriously?

    Yes, it is usually on our second or third round.

    But, yeah, with changing of positions, rhythms, etc

    If he wants to, he can make it go on that long.

    Usually I am well orgasmed out by then and a quivering semi concious mess and he has mercy and ends it lol.

    Definitely could not handle that too often, but every once in a while, WOW.


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