• Prostate Massaging?

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    Hey there!

    Ive recently got a Prostate Vibrator and have a few questions!

    So after ive inserted it and start the hunt for the prostate, im not too sure if ive found it.

    I noticed a wierd feeling when i pushed against a certain place and im not sure if its the right place, when pressed on it, i had the feeling when you havent been the toilet for a while and the feeling of pressure just above my penis.

    IM not to sure if this is from stimulating the prostate or if i pushing on something else...

    How ever i remember at a certain place i started the feel the right feeling ive heard of but moments after my batteries died and i lost that sensation.

    So any advice on how to properly use toys for prostate stimulation, best techniques, anything will help.


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    Not an expert on it as we don't do any form of anal play. But I have read in a book that the sensation of having the prostate massaged is similar to wanting to go to the loo. So it sounds like from your post, that is the feeling that you are getting .

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    Can you cum by doing it without touching your penis?

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    I have seen guys on here mention that they are able to cum just by stimulating their prostate :)

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    From what you are saying I would say you have found the p spot, like you I was unsure that I had hit the right spot but as soon as I noticed the cum starting to appear I knew for sure I had, so persevere and enjoy the sensation have fun, hope this is of some help. PS the cum is a clear sticky fluid due to there being no sperm.

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    I have a fair amount of experience with prostate play and sounds like you were close, the prostate can be found if your on your back and insert a finger into the anus and reach for the abdomen, you'll notice there is a squishy but firm area that some describe as being donut shaped (I don't know what donuts they are eating, but I'd take it back to the store), I found it to be almost like a mini plum shaped thing.

    A lot of guys think it's further up than it actually is, most can find it with about 2 inches of insertion (so you should be able to reach it with a finger - but everyone is different). It can take some punishment but you won't get anywhere by being aggressing or rough, go slow, I used a glass toy with a slight curve (glass is super low friction and solid enough that you can massage with it and know how much pressure your applying) once the tip is in you'll find the prostate by simply moving the tip inside pushing lighty towards the stomach. Once found you want to massage in the lightest possible way, tease it almost, then once you start to feel the wierd sensations you can start to apply more pressure (but again, not too much, they ought to make prostate toys like they make modern electric toothbrushes.... with pressure cut-offs).

    The feeling can be uncomfortable at first as you can easily mistake it for needing to go to the loo. But here's the critical thing, relax! once you relax the sensation starts to feel good, but unlike pumping your cock it won't give you a crescendo it will sneak up on you and before you realise it your cumming like crazy and super confused by the stuff your body is doing (I once super-o'd in the shower and knocked my head on the shower screen). Patience is key though, can take weeks or months to get the technique right, learn to enjoy the exploration and treat the super-o as the side-effect.

    One thing to watch out for though, if you do super-o or get close enough to it, you will feel charged for about 24 hours thereafter, I felt tingles in my crotch for over a day and a half after my first one, was at work and the feeling was amazingly strong to the point where I thought I'd need to take a half-day. Then it fades and you go back to boring yet convenient normality.

    Some guys can find it harder than other to get there, take inspiration from others techniques and then make one that works for you.

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    Very interesting and helpful information from MJ25 as i have had trouble finding/understanding exactly the feeling its meant to give.

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    Found it very easy myself and only had to alter depth a little when looking. Have to agree when people say it makes you feel like you need to take a leak but keep at it. In my case the feeling started in my feet and moved up my legs before taking over my whole body.

    From start to finish there was no involvement from the old man who appeared to sleep through the whole event. Had to laugh about the shape though, it's supposed to be a walnut not a doughnut lol. I used a 'G' spot vib as it's an ideal shape and I think I needed the vib's. Good hunting.

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    I've managed a handsfree o a few times. I find it by using a g spot vibe and squatting. I gentle rub the prostate and and the feeling is crazy. I've only managed to cum properly once tho. Never felt anything like it. Left my legs a trembling mess lol

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    you will know when you touch the prostate gland

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    I've been using a basic dilldo to massage my prostate
    When I hit the p spot I feel like need to pee and then a
    Flood of what looks like pre cum comes out(not cum) . Is this normal ?

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    Best way to find and know what it feels like when you really hit it is to use your fingers first. Lie on your back and insert one finger, curling up towards your stomach. You should feel a small lump a little way in, and you'll know when you hit it.
    I've just started using prostate massage toys, and each person will have a favourite. The first one I bought didn't work for me, but then I bought another (very popular brand) and its really good for my body. I've only used it twice, first time I dry orgasmed a few times, really great, and quite a bit of pre-cum. Second time I had a hands free ejaculation. Takes me quite a long time to build up to orgasm, you need to be patient and not try and force it. But it's worth the wait. Set a side 1/2 hours and its worth the wait.

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    I only ever managed it once and it took ages. I need to be really really turned on for it to work. Most times when the sensation starts I get frustrated and start using hands. Combining both can lead to amazing ejaculations that can fly right across the room!

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    Atomic wrote:

    I've been using a basic dilldo to massage my prostate
    When I hit the p spot I feel like need to pee and then a
    Flood of what looks like pre cum comes out(not cum) . Is this normal ?

    It's is normal, and it is essentially pre cum. What you have done is is what is called prostate milking.


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    Wow this sounds amazing! I need to try this with my man

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    Penny26 wrote:

    Wow this sounds amazing! I need to try this with my man

    It is. Its one thing to be able to do it for yourself but to have your woman do it for you truly amazing.

    A woman that can give you an orgasm from prostate massage and not touch your penis is exquisite.

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