1. New relationship - Old lingerie/toys


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    Vanilla_Kink wrote:

    Thank you mysteron :) the man I have met is really nice which is a wonderful change from my ex partner. Obviously it's early days yet but I'm feeling positive for the future =D x

    The early days are very exciting times as you find things about him and his tastes etc. Plenty good reasons to treat yourself to some new outfits and lingerie and with autumn around the corner a good excuse for wearing stockings to tease him.

    Good luck you deserve it

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    I broke up with my ex right before Valentine's and I binned the lingerie I'd bought to wear with him as I couldn't stand to even look at it. (Not lovehoney, unfortunately, so no returns!) I also gave away the lotions and things he'd given to me because the smell reminded me too much of him. Thankfully, there were no toys to get rid of, as that wasn't his thing.

    My current collection is all mine and not one that I have built up with a partner. I've used some of it with other people (but only on/in me, not them). I don't particularly assocate any of those items with those people, so I wouldn't have a problem using them with a new partner. Everyone is different, though, and I can understand why someone could feel uncomfortable. As others have said, it's a good opportunity to buy more stuff together! :)

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    Nothing to add really on the advice front - you have received magnificent advice already - didn't expect anything else!!

    Just wanted to add how pleased I am that you have met someone nice who you can discover things together with - how exciting is that!!!!


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    Why not giving the LELO and cock ring to your ex, like the rest of his stuff? It would be a shame throwing it away

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    I'm so thrilled for you VK, you deserve a whole load happiness, he sounds nice. xxx

    nothing to add on the advice front.

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    Aww thank you I must admit it is all very exciting xxx

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