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  1. Orgasms - how important are they?

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    A and C. I love cumming, but I won't cum until she has. I think it's super important to have that moment of ecstasy where all that matters is what you both are feeling. Oftentimes I cum just from the way she'll tighten before she cums. Possibly the hottest thing - it's ultimate submission when she wraps herself around me in that last few seconds.


    B, but to be honest I don't usually sleep with people I'm not very close to. I think sex is the ultimate bonder, emotionally and physically. Conversation and honesty are two huge ones, but a compatible couple in the bedroom will probably go further.


    C, because I'm not a douche.

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    C. I'm in it for his pleasure (as well as my own, obviously but I prefer to please considering it has been very difficult for me to reach climax ever since I became sexually active.

    B. I prefer sex to be something intimate. I've had one night stands and they have done nothing for me whatsoever. I love the feeling of being as close and as open as possibly. Its very rare of me to get close to anyone. The only friend I have is my boyfriend so it's the most important to me that sex brings us closer.

    C. We do this anyway. Like i said above, I've had lots of trouble with trying to climax. I get so close a lot of the time and it just disappears or fades. We talk a out it a lot. The first and only proper climax I have had with my partner is during drunk sex but it's just not feasible for me to be drunk every time. We talk about it a lot to try and find out what works and what doesn't.

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    1/ B and C

    2/ B and D (Trying to find a brief connection to the light of the universe through sexual pleasure.)

    3/ C, possably followed by D, and probably ultimately ending in B.

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