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    well here I am in a time of life time and enthusiasm for all the sex I can fit in. wow it's great but alas I have been unwell - to be exact a pituitary tumor. what a gift. well it has changed my world.

    now I can get an amazing stiff dick which lasts for ages. I can take up to 1.5 hours to cum my partner loves it and me for it but I'm now getting on in years and stamina is not what it used to be so I turned to lovehoney for the answer.

    we will use the male vibrator to try to make me a little more comfortable may I add to the mix.

    I am on tetosterone replacement and we are active about 9 or so times a week I am now looking for a way forward to keep my partner well satisfied which luckily, as I've a very prolific sexual past, am able to do she cums at least 3 times during love making.

    anyway my waffling on is to find a type of toy for the guy who struggles in my area and can find a way of relieving the situation as it can be extremely uncomfortable.

    Anybody need help with this subject I'm only to happy to here from you.

    I'm going to finish my ramblings by warning you guys if it don't stand up and you can't find the enthusiasm get a blood test a pituitary tumor is dangerous but can easily be controlled .

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    Hi Roller, thanks for the heads up regarding signs to look out for as I doubt many would be aware of this. I'm sorry you have had to go through it. Are you okay now apart from the duration of your erections? I don't really know much about getting you finished quicker and what will help. It's something I would be interested to know more about though as I've noticed as hubby has got older it takes him longer and longer (fine if you want a long session and I'm not complaining 😋but not so good if just a quickie is all that's wanted or got time for.

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