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  1. Partner gets turned on quickly

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    Agree with what everyone has already said. We have been married for well over 35 years and she can still turn me on in an instant. We constantly kiss and cuddle during the day and even though that's all we both want, 90% of the time I can walk away aroused.

    Enjoy it!

    The Real Mr Grey [sign in to see picture]
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    Slow and loving will keep him going longer.

    Fast, deep and the cries of enjoyment will send him over the edge.

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    somegirlinthisworld wrote:

    My new partner is more experianced than I am but he seems to get turned on really quickly. Within 2 minuites of kissing with clothes he already has a semi. I myself get aroused quick too but I chalk that up to lack of experiance.

    With him I do feel a strong emotional connection along with a clear physical one. Could that be why he is acting that way?

    How do I make him slow down getting turned on fast?

    Well this is an easy one ' you ' are obviously a stunner. Would not really worry about this its just natural as long as you don't meet him outside M&S and he is stood there with a huge errection. Then start to worry !

    Not sure how you could broach this subject with him be he needs to release his ' tension ' ( not in front of you unless it's his lucky night ) before he meets you. This is a tricky subject

    Alternatively try looking a little less sexy when you first meet. Ad a big cardi, very long skirt and most important do all your buttons up !

    Hope this helps

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