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  1. When and how have you been caught in the act?

    UK_Kinky_Couple [sign in to see picture]
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    Have you ever been caught in the act? And if so, what was the most embarrassing time?

    For us it has to be a few years back when me and my wife had just started seeing each other. We were only young then and I was still living at home. She came round to my place and we were just chilling out in my room chatting.... then she got the craving for a stiff cock inside her so her hand was down my trousers and she was pulling me off like a pro. My cock was throbbing in seconds and she wasted no time. She peeled her tight jeans off, slipped her tiny thong to one side and jumped on. Her pussy swallowed my length in one as her juices were already well and truly flowing!

    We were conscious that we weren't in the house alone so tried to be as quiet as possible. We both like to be pretty vocal but I swallowed my moans while she bit her lip. She bucked her pussy against my rock hard cock while I gripped her round juicy ass - I'd normally have been giving it a good slap but we had to be quiet! My girl rocked back on me harder and harder, grinding down my cock with her pussy dribbling down my heavy balls before she tensed up and exploded! She definitely got a thrill from potentially being caught!

    But I didn't quite get the happy ending because as she was riding my length - sliding her pussy up and down my well greased pole - my mum walked in! Soooo embarrassing! The only thing that made it slightly less embarrassing for my girl is that we'd not even had time to get her tits out so she wasn't completely on display!

    Anyway, it meant for an awkward time around the dinner table later that evening! I got my just deserts later though when she sucked me off as I was driving her home!! Good memory!

    NatandTom [sign in to see picture]
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    Awkward! Thankfully we've never been caught, hoping that day never comes.

    Just for future reference, we try not to be too graphic or detailed on this forum. It might be a sex forum, but posts like this can become erotic story like and that's not allowed here anymore :)

    UK_Kinky_Couple [sign in to see picture]
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    Oh right - thanks for the heads up. We're new to this and didn't realise. Thanks

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