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    Hey all, would like to start by saying Hey as I'm new to the forums!

    Okay, to the point! My partner and I are open and have tried numerous things. As of now, we are beginning on the anal scene. We've experimented with finger play and butt plugs etc for awhile now but we want to try for anal sex. We have water based lubes etc so we are all set in that department.

    So my question is, how do you guys warm up before anal sex?

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    e45 shower wash. After you wash normally, use E45 on your bottom (and inside). Its a fairly nice way to get your bottom ready.

    Next thing: slow and controlled. Don't go straight for "sex" allow your partner to enter your bum slowly then just stay like that for the first couple times. Get yourself off first. After that, take it real slow. Going straight for the hard pounding sex will stretch your bum and make it sore (and probably bleed).

    Afterwards wash and E45 again. Don't go for penetration the next day for the first couple times. Let yourself heal.

    NEVER NEVER EVER go from bum to fanny - that way lies UTIs and pain.

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    The most important thing is to take things slowly and stop immediately if anything hurts or is uncomfortable. Make sure you use lots of lube - this is essential.

    It may take several sessions before you are able to penetrate fully - just take as long as you need and build up very slowly. Mr Scorpius normally warms me up by playing with his fingers inside me, and building up to 2 fingers then 3 fingers. Then he gently uses a small anal dildo before slowly entering me himself.

    Also, have a read through this LH guide which may be useful :) xx


    I also bought this book recently, and I can highly recommend this too :)


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    Other than the great advice above, mine is just to Relax!

    It may sound so simple to say, but with tension, muscles (like the sphincter) contract, making it harder/therefor more uncomfortable/painfull even.

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    Invest in an anal douche... Gives you peace of mind of no poop mishaps happening... Also very important to keep things hygienic... Anal will only work if she's relaxed. If she's anticipating pain or feeling self conscious etc whatever it won't happen. Her bum hole will deny access. So lots of foreplay, massaging, kissing licking sucking all of the important bits.... Take your time do not rush her....anal gets easier as you persist with it, she needs to get used to the sensation of being full and then being pounded.... It's worth it :)

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