1. a serious question on wanking!

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    Hi all,
    I suffer from premature ejaculation and I want to overcome it.
    Unfortunately the internet just wants to sell pills and sell programs to follow.
    I decided I would make my own program instead. It's based around wanking and it seems to be working I think. Does it sound like a good idea? Do you do anything like it? What do you do to prevent shooting too soon?
    The goal I want to achieve is to wank continually for 20 minutes. Slowing down when too excited but using different speeds too.
    I started by setting a mini goal of 5 minutes and then increase it to 10,15 and finally 20 minutes.
    When I started I lasted around 2-3 minutes. Currently I can last 10 minutes.
    I do this Monday to Friday but only let myself ejaculate on Wednesday.
    Is this a good routine to help or is it too much?
    As I say it seems to work out with lasting longer during the wanking but so far haven't really seen much of a result during sex, maybe in time?
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Yeah I know a few guys who have done that...Look up 'edging' , but they sometimes dont cum and go back to it hours later etc....

    It has worked, they last a really long time, like a really long time.... but as a result they now have difficulty cumming during sex and need to wank to finish off....

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    Thanks ash 2345 i shall look into edging

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    One thing that (for me was) can be an issue is tight foreskin.

    I found when I was younger the act of penetration which forced the foreskin back over the tip of the penis was enough to bring me to the edge of coming so I didn't last long. As was mentioned on the other thread that is currently active, I used to make sure my wife orgasmed before I started so we were both satisfied.

    I started using a basic penis pump which I found was very good at stretching my foreskin so it would easily slip back over the tip and I also bought a book called (something like) 'The multi-orgasmic man' which describes some techniques for edging and building up to total control.

    When I started using a Tenga flip I found I could come multiple (I never went beyond 3) times without going soft or needing a break. It seems to be something my OH appreciates as well.

    Is it a foreskin issue for you or a state of mind?

    Certainly edging is a good place to start.

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    Bring yourself up to just before the point of no return, then back it off. Repeat it a load of times and you'll start to learn about how your body feels when geting close to cumming.

    I used to have the same problem and was getting in my own head too much during sex. So concentrate on the sounds, smells, tastes, movements, etc. Don't think through your cock, but feel every sensation all over your body.

    And if you feel you're getting too close, change positions, stop and take a few seconds, etc.

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    Have you tried joi videos? Most of those tend to focus on stopping and starting, generally with the women telling you what to do, how fast/slow etc, they can be quite awesome :) They can also be pretty normal or if you want they have more dominant videos, videos with humiliation etc, whatever you want can be found on good old pornhub or even youtube oddly enough.

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    thanks for your replies I shall look into the different things mentioned.

    I don't have tight forskin, but I do think my problem is sensitivity. If I apply a delay spray I can happily thrust away without any need to ejaculate for a good length of time. Maybe I need to desentilise my glans. Will my work out or these other things help with doing this?

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    Something I came across recently on the web (different forum) were guys who intentially retracted their foreskin for long periods of times (some claimed months) to desensitize their glans.

    I always understood there were strong medical reasons to not do this but ... should you bite the bullet and have a chat with your doctor?

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