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  1. What was your best...?

    VioletWolf [sign in to see picture]
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    1. Orgasm
    2. Sexual experience
    3. Sexual discovery (toy, fetish, turn on, LH etc.)

    I'll start, would be rude not to!

    1. My first G spot orgasm; I was never entirely convinced it was a thing when I was younger, could feel it but never achieved orgasm. Then one day I did! I was absolutely blown away 😍
    2. The first time I wore a bodystocking and was restrained, and my partner had the run of me, able to do as he pleased, with a small assembly of toys including a crop! Such a huge change for him to be more than vanilla!
    3. Spanking - as time has gone on I've found it does more for me, guaranteed to turn me on! Didn't realise the extent of how much I like it 🙈

    Marriedscot [sign in to see picture]
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    1) was the first time my prostate was stimulated.

    2) FFM

    3) discovering I like to receive anal sex

    KittenFeatures [sign in to see picture]
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    1) Only ever had one. Can't say any other than that. It'll take a while for me to really be able to say. Still young though, plenty of time.

    2) Every time the boyfriend is drunk and willing. He's much more confident and dominant when he's drunk. I tend to be sober because I look after the baby while he's out. He comes home and we have the best sex because he does all the things I absolutely love.

    3) Can't say I've ever had an amazing discovery. I don't know. I was quite young when I started experimenting with different things and now nothing seems new to me any more. If I do want to induldge in something new I always find it's either too expensive or I just don't have the enthusiasm at the moment. Too many things on my mind. Suppose the most interesting discovery I've had recently is that the boyfriend is opening up to letting me play with him instead of him always playing with me (in certain areas).

    NatandTom [sign in to see picture]
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    1. First time I squirted. I didn't even know it was real, I thought it was just something that happened in porn. It was intense, but fantastic. It was with the Satisfy Me Curve dildo, which was even more of a surprise.

    2. We came home early from a wedding as the sight of him in a suit was getting me hot and bothered. Both sober, but there was so much need between us that night. He'd torn my dress off the second I locked the front door. We ended up having sex on my bedroom floor with nothing but my heels and his tie on.

    3. Spanking. More recently, pinwheels. I was scared of them for a while, but I got a mini beginners one after some encouragement and loved it. I just got a full size stainless steel one and I love that too. Can't wait to get more.

    Fun Louise [sign in to see picture]
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    1. It was a long slow session on a boat, I had had a couple of drinks and was a little more relaxed, we must have done half a dozen different positions before we finished. Such a good afternoon.

    2. Pleasuring myself myself with a large metal dildo (the njoy eleven).

    3. It must be bondage, I'm loving it. Love being the Dom but enjoy being the sub more. Also love temperature play..

    Pooh (F) & Roo (M) [sign in to see picture]
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    1. Orgasm
    We kissed for what felt like forever total bliss and as we made love I started to orgasm over and over again we often talk about that night.
    2. Sexual experience
    See above as yet they are one and the same thing.
    3. Sexual discovery (toy, fetish, turn on, LH etc.)
    Kissing Roo's bum.

    MissNoir [sign in to see picture]
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    1. The first time oh & I orgasmed together. It was something I never thought would happen & it was just so intense & brought us closer together ^_^

    2. I was over at oh one night, not long after we started seeing each other, and during sex he whispered to me to look him in the eye whilst we were in the moment. Because of an ex sex wasn't about emotion, it was just sex and having oh say that to me made me feel so loved and wanted. It wasn't awkward or cringey, it was the realest moment and made sex this entire new experience for me.

    3. Biting. I liked to be bitten but I was always too afraid to bite back, I did it in the moment once & got such a thrill from it, I've never stopped since haha

    queer sarah [sign in to see picture]
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    1. Best orgasm ever was a couple of years ago, solo. I had a triple orgasm and it was mind blowing. Haven't managed it since tho.

    2. Pretty much the best single experience recently was my first orgy before Christmas. It kinda blew my mind and I got over some of my hangups that night.

    3. My best discovery was finding out just how much I enjoy pain. I knew I was into spanking, but I tried a few things with a partner and woah. I was a little shocked how much I like it, but yeah, it's a massive turn on.

    VioletWolf [sign in to see picture]
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    Pain is a big one isn't it! 😍

    Just Jenson [sign in to see picture]
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    1) with an ex, before going on holiday. We orgasmed at the same time, through anal sex. we both kinda collapsed after that.

    2) MFF, MMF or MFMF - can't decide - each has their own merits!

    3) Realising its ok to like anal sex in any which way or form of play!

    Banannabelsplit [sign in to see picture]
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    Alright, time to put some thought into this...

    1. Definitely every single orgasm with my wand vibe. My go to toy every time 😍

    2. When my boyfriend and I try to dominate each other. We're both switches so we often try to out-dom the other and think up special rewards for the winner and punishments for the loser 😈

    3. I'd have to say recently discovering I'm into bondage. It's broadened so many horizons for me and I can't wait to explore!

    sassykitten;) [sign in to see picture]
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    1. Hmmm probably when we both orgasmed together :)

    2.sex during a storm was amazing being in a dark room seeing flashes of light .. it was hot in there

    3. New discovery I can enjoy both clit n nipple play by him :)

    Zephron [sign in to see picture]
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    1. Orgasm - I'm still having them. The ex made me a birthday tea the other day, and it was followed by a very licky BJ which left me with wiggley legs and a littly panting.
    I would love to swap sexes, even just for a day/short while, to see how you ladies feel when you orgasm, as it sounds both brilliant and mysterious.

    2. Sexual experience - Ooh, gotta be a wierd one. But had both my first hetro, and homosexual experiences in one weekend. Peterlee youth club has a lot to answer for, hehehe!

    3. Sexual discovery (toy, fetish, turn on, LH etc.) - There are quite a few, but am thinking of one from years ago. I was blindfolded once, and it did make me so much more sensitive to all the other senses. Very erotic.

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