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    I find that my boyfriend is more likely to cum on my face and tits from a distance, if we've done a few bits of foreplay or teasing throughout the day. With sex at the end of the day all that teasing makes him more likely to cum with more force and there's a lot more of it.

    If you have trouble with getting cum to go the distance then have her on her knees so she'll still get it on her face and tits.

    Id avoid the eyes if possible as it sticks to eyelashes and stings. If your worried it might go in her hair or eyes try cumming on her in the bathroom. Then clean up is easy as she can pop in the shower

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    He's a lucky man Redlove :)

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    There are very few things better that a woman on her knees ready to accept your cum.

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    That sounds like heaven! Just how do you get your woman to agree to a facial?
    I did an experiment last night not with cum though I need a fuller tank for that.
    When I went for a leak, rather than stop my piss mid flow using my pc muscles I gripped the tube underneath my cock for a couple of seconds stopping the flow then releasing. Doing that improved the pressure by at least double.
    Now I'm gonna put this into practice and try to shoot my load rather than dribble.
    Just one question though, when to I grip my cock? I know its a timing thing and with the replies ive had I'm thinking just before I cum squeeze this tube for a second then release then time the squeeze on each contraction thereafter. Have I understood this right?

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