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  1. Anyone else get this?

    mysteron [sign in to see picture]
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    mummymermaid wrote:

    mysteron wrote:

    I can't really help you as regards the position as its one of the few positions my Mrs isn't keen on.

    However you could try reverse cowgirl and whats more he can spank your bum whilst you are doing it. Both of us like this position .

    Do you know why she doesn't like it?

    I don't know if knee wise I could do reverse cowgirl..might try it though as the confidence thing is him looking at me..that's why I like to be blindfolded..so I can't see him looking..xx

    Its probably more to do with me. I can't seem to penetrate her enough so she gets much feeling in this position .

    Gem276 [sign in to see picture]
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    I hold his ankles if I swivel round to reverse cowgirl but to be honest as positions go it does nothing for me!

    My ex was quite big and I struggled with doggie if I was ovulating, I have PCOS so sex could create cramps that are incredibly painful x

    Zephron [sign in to see picture]
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    Zephron wrote:- If it your knees your having problems with you could put cussions underneath you, to take some pressure off

    What I meant by that was put cussions under your stomach to rest on. (I find two cussions/pillows puts her at the right hight for easiest penetration or oral for me), rather than putting them under your knees.

    rainbowbaby [sign in to see picture]
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    What Zephron says about the pillows.

    I still find doggy painful to begin with but it's our favourite position as the feeling is so intense. I find there can be pressure on my perineum when he enters me but as long as I have two pillows under my boobs to help my bum stick up, it really makes it pleasurable. I leave this position to last once things are 'stretched' and relaxed

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