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    great advice above on checking the condoms... I used to get irritated by a certain lubricant ingredient in condoms not the condom itself so that could be the culprit.

    Do you masturbate? YOu may try inserting a toy and masturbating to help learn your body and get an idea of positions that work for you.

    Do you have an IUD / coil? Mine will cause spotting it it is hit during sex so if you have that it could be part of the spotting issue.

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    Hi there.

    You've had great advice about using lube and trying different condoms. Hope it helps.

    I just wanted to add - could it possibly be a yeast infection causing the pain, itching and raw skin? I used to always get them after sex (oh always wore a sensitive skin condom so we definitely weren't passing the yeast infection back and forth between us ) and also after using tampons. I eventually got so fed up of buying canesten all the time that I tried going without tampons and using towels instead and that solved the problem till they changed them and added scent and it was ages before I found others that didn't irritate me again. I also tended to over wash which made things worse by stripping my skin of natural oils and making it raw and I have to take care when using soap and bath products too. I have to pee immediately after sex too or I am prone to UTI's.

    Bleeding after sex is quite common especially at certain times of the month but it's always best to get it checked out with the GP if it is a regular thing with you. It'll probably be nothing so don't worry but there's no harm in checking.

    I had a small cervical erosion which was causing mine so I got some treatment and it was fine for years and then had to get it done again a few years ago which solved it once again. Now I just bleed if my period is nearly due and it seems to bring it forward a bit.

    Take care:)

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    Hello! As others have said a good quality lube may help. It could be something like friction as mentioned before, especially if you are new to sex. I tend to spot after a massive session or if the husband has neglected to cut his nails!

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    Yes I do matsturebate. I have a few toys. I have a new big one that i think will help strech me and will help.

    I think foreplay and more lube is needed. I think it was just friction because the pain has seemed to have gone now and no blood. I think the blood may have been because of being fearly new at sex.

    I have seemed to have got cystitis which I belive the pretty common in women after sex. The medicine to take though is horrible. Makes me feel sick. strugaling to drink it

    Thank you for every bodies help

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    HI I used to get really bad cystits and can vouch for a load of cranberry juice, peeing after sex and staying toasty and warm to help :)

    Also if you're new to sex it may be that you still have a bit of hymen going on downstairs. I was so worried about the bleeding when I started having sex that I went to a sex health clinic and all the lube in the world couldn't have made the first few times hurt less.

    If you're worried see a GP or sex health clinician who can better advise you.

    All the best!

    P.S - Lube is good though use lube! I like a silicone based one because it lasts longer. :)

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    Mondaysixteenth is spot on with the cranberry juice. Its great for relieving the discomfort of cystitis. However, if you are taking any medication for blood pressure avoid it as it can be very harmful.

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    My cyctitis seems to be getting better. I've given up on the drinking medcine as it was making me feel really ill. I'm using the NHS website addive of a lot of water.

    Yes I am new to sex so I think the hymen maybe the cause of bleeding.

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