1. Your 'clean up' routines??

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    We kind of fell into a clean up routine. I run to pee, well ok I shuffle, and clean up in the bathroom. Just usually a water wash. My husband either has a baby wipe wash down or he will follow me to the bathroom.

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    Are we the only ones to keep a hand towel beside the bed? We have a few that cycle through being in use, in the washing and in the airing cupboard. Even better, a few years back I bought a really cheap bundle of dark red ones - no unsightly stains, whatever day of the month!

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    With my OH, it tends not to leak out straightaway but quite a while later, so she usually just goes to the loo and let it out when she needs to. If she has to avoid leakage, such as when she has to go out after morning sex, I'll usually wear a condom or if she's still leaking after the night before she'll wear a panty liner.

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    Sxleksaker wrote:

    I run to the bathroom because my OH almost always finishes inside me (and I always have to pee afterwards) :)

    Second that! 😀
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    We're using condoms at the moment because I'm trying to be hormone free for a while. That makes clean up a lot easier.

    Generally we cuddle for 2 or 3 minutes after, so that we both feel all the loves (particularly after a rough session), and then I ALWAYS pee. It's really the best way to avoid UTIs so if you aren't already ladies, make sure you try! I usually just give the toys a basic wipe just after and then a proper clean in the morning. We always cuddle for at least 15 minutes after sex. It's just a habit that I'm in no rush to break!x

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    We always cuddle and chat for a while after (15-30) mins then I go pee and if possible clean up with baby wipes, or if it's everywhere I'll jump in the shower. He always comes inside, with no condom, and sometimes it'll stay up for a while and be tidy, other times by the end of cuddling it's all over my legs, stomach, everywhere!

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