1. Can't get any 'me time' 😯


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    I love that sweet love "we just tell eachother honestly that we are having a walk and need some alone time"! 😂💟xx

    See hubby very rarely wanna and doesn't have any interest in toys however, I'm certain his opinion would change if he was willing to try them.

    So tonight I thought all my xmaaes had came at once ohs brother called needing help putting the weans bed up. I was jumping for noy 've time'and plenty of it! Next thing I know it's about 11:30pm and oh was home. I'd only time and fell asleep 😴😠 blooming typical! 💟xx

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    Morning Slinky,
    You obviously needed sleep more then 😝
    But yeah ,typical .😕x

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    Hiya, Yeah, she's known about most of my kinks since day one. There are some things that she doesn't know but until she embraces what she already knows, there's no point in explaining or trying anymore. It's kind of like running before you can walk LOL. I've been with her 3 years now, she never gets sexually aroused. I have a massive toy collection that's probably worth about £1000. She could go wild with them but never does. When we got together, we asked loads of questions about likes and dislikes but I didn't really get much out of her even though I opened up (literally 😂😂) The OH was quite prude when I met her but I hoped she would change over time but it's not worked out that way. She's a bit more open minded but still doesn't enjoy sex.
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    That last message was for you SLINKY BLINKY :)

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    kittencub wrote:

    AnalLover88 wrote:


    I feel your pain, I have a very high sex drive and I'm with someone that has no sex drive at all. We both work, live together and have a 9 month old baby to look after. I very rarely get anytime alone. Once every couple of weeks, I ask the OH to go bed early with little one so I can spend some time sorting my hormones out. This is okay but I'm very busy with work and everything so it's not as enjoyable as it should be because I feel so tired.
    I also try to encourage the OH to go out all night with her friends, this is difficult enough trying to get her to go out but we also have to book a baby sitter for the night. This Friday just gone, I paid for an hotel for the OH and her friend so she would go out but also have somewhere to stay after. I also said I would decorate all of baby's room for when she got back. I did all this just to get some alone time. This happens probably once every 6 months but could with it at least once a month to be honest.
    It's so exhausting being with someone who has zero interest in sex, I haven't had sex for 4 weeks, when we do, it's very mediocre because she's not into it. We are currenty going through sexual therapy to try sort the issue, if it doesn't get sorted, we will have to go our seperate ways no matter how diffficult it is because I can't live without sex.

    I'm married now to someone through health reasons sex doesn't exist any more, it's hard mentally sometimes, but my ex was a sex pest every day and crap as well. I know who I'd rather live with, Hubby did take me for granted but we had words a couple of years ago, now I'm shown gratitude. Ok not sexual but thanks and cuddles. Also treats and I buy my silk underwear and corsets for me.

    Hiya, That's not good. Do you not have sex because of your health problems or your OH's? Yeah, it is sooo stressful. I'm constantly horny so always thinking about sex, wish I could just switch off to be honest. It is mentally exhausting but the worst part is the OH doesn't appreciate how hard it is because she doesn't get them feelings. Yeah, that's part of our problem.... the affection. It's difficult to be close and bond with someone you don't share intimacy with. We rarely cuddle or kiss, it's more like routine when she leaves for work or something. I could understand if I didn't treat her properly but she gets treated like a queen. I'm forever buying her flowers and stuff, taking her out for meals, taking her on holidays and buying her new clothes but she doesn't appreciate it to be honest. Not good at all!

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