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    Hi guys....so after a while of being single and what not finally met new oh few months ago. He has never used toys etc so seemed really quite shocked when we got on topic of things I have done/like in bedroom. We agreed that we would try things but I don't want to overwhelm him so looking for some advice on games or toys yous would suggest to slowly introduce him.

    I have had a good bit of experience with bondage and dom/sub stuff but know what I like would be too much for him to start with and want us both to develop together.

    Thanks in advance xxxx

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    I would say the bondage boutique set with the velcro straps. It's a good entry level use of restraint and maybe let him try it on you first. I was shocked at the response I got from my OH when I tried it on her. I find it doesn't do much for me being tied up, but tying her up is fab 😀

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    I am the same I have never enjoyed taking control but love giving it. He knows alot about my past and I think he worries about control but doesn't understand the thrill. He agreed to try and want to use toys but worry that he will see that as me saying he doesn't do it for me alone which just isn't the case xx


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    I would start by looking at body wands and using them on each other in the foreplay period.

    You need to start really slowly again otherwise you could end up feaking him out.

    Personally I wouldn't use restraints unitl he gets used to the idea of using toys. Then perhaps introduce restraints ( sliky ones) perhaps him restraining you to start and then use the body wand when restrained. Then after that blindfolding .

    I am a fan of Body wands becasue they are so inncoent looking and can be used for massage. And keep your leather undies under lock and key for now lol !

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    Haa that's a shame but the leather undies everyone loves them do they not haa, yeah he has also expressed concern that I may have used my toys with exs and that freaks him out....I haven't they were bought when single but he doesn't believe me so looks like new toys will be needed xx

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    No..... everyone does not like leather undies...vegetarians, for example most definitely wouldn't ! A lot of men prefer something silky as it's more tactile. And if anyone was going to use toys on me.....I'd definitely want them to be new....and I'd want to see that they were new. x

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    I agreed to the new toy part I could see his point even though I know only I have used them on me xx

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    I would say invest in some small things first. Perhaps a beginner bullet vibrator or a cock ring because they usually don't come across as too intimidating (at least in my experience). Then once he's ready introduce some silky restraints and maybe (as long as you're sure you trust him and vice versa) let him use them on you first. Then use them on him to see if he like them.

    Just take things slow and when you're both comfortable intensify what toys you use (you could go into handcuffs, floggers and blindfolds depending on what you both like). These things tend to be trial and error especially for beginners.

    Hope this helps :)

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    Yeah thank you for all your advice xx

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    Tie him up with licquorice laces it worked with me lol

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    I would say what things had you talked about trying and then take it from there.

    Board games there is monogomy and nooki, but depends how much he wants to experiment.

    The toys, if they are yours and they are being used on you, can't see the issue really, but then personal preference and all......

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