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  1. Made my first purchase for the girlfriend need advice now! :-)

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    Hi there

    I've been with my lovely lady for nearly 4 years now - we have a good sex life but it's a little bit basic, nothing strange or kinky so i decided to spice things up by buying her a load of stuff for xmas as a suprise

    I bought her the new slimline rampant rabbit, a vibrator,a cock ring and some sexy lingerie as well as different lubes etc.

    A couple of quick questions, i got so excited today when everything arrived but i think i want to get some more stuff already - any recommendations that i'm missing out on? i'm fairly kinky and i want to introduce to some filthy outfits like some latex. pvc or the like, any good starters?

    Secondly i've told her that i've got her some naughty treats that we need to open together the nights before xmas but i don't know how to present it all to her... it all comes fairly heavily packaged and i don't want to just give her the cardboard box with all the stuff in it - i was thinking of putting it all into a stocking for her but should I unpackage all the stuff first or what?

    Many many thanks for the help in advance, as i'm sure you can tell i'm looking forward to xmas!!!!

    Happy Christmas to one and all

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    Heya, glad to hear you've discovered the joys of sex toys!

    We all know how it feels, when you get your first toys you cant wait to get more! I think the important thing though is to restrain yourself at the moment. Give yourself some time to experiment with the toys you've already got. You'll appreciate them more, and you'll be able to learn from them what you like and dislike in a toy, so when you buy more you'll have a better idea of which toys you should go for (rather than just wanting them all!)

    A great thing for starting out is just a simple blindfold and handcuffs. They're incredibly kinky and can lead onto so much more, but they're not too scary so you're unlikely to scare anyone off with them either.

    If you're new to sex toys you may not already know that toys should be stored separately - store certain kind of toys touching each other and a chemical reaction will happen and they'll melt! Not good! For this reason, it may be a good idea to give the toys to your wife still in the packaging so you can put them back into the packaging afterwards.

    As for the kinky outfits, I'd give it time. I dont know how much you and your wife have spoken about this, but coming on too strong can compeltely put people off. Give her some time to get accustomed to the toys and lingerie you're already giving her, and then if she's ready later on, perhaps get her to choose some out herself.

    Valentine's Day isn't that far away either, so use that as an excuse for your next lot of toys!

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    Sorry, you never said you were married. That's what happens when I read too fast!

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    Good advice there from ecksvie. I'd suggest if she is completely new to 'props' before using proper cuffs try something like these:

    Blindfolds are a good idea, but the kinky outfits would require prior discussion, I assume you know a lot of her turn ons and turn offs but if you haven't spoken to your missus beforehand then she'll get a shock and you may just stumble across a turn off. E.g. I hate latex with a passion and love leather. If Mr R brough tthat into the bedroom I'd be put off. Start subtlely and you're more likely to encourage her to push boundaries and enjoy new things rather than being too nervous to enjoy them!

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    its not a good idea to make two threads the same, the mods dont really like it!

    ive replyed in your other one


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    Blindfolds, massage oil, a clit vibe that you can use for foreplay on each other, the we-vibe is good but not cheap, anal beads - which incidentaly feel fabulous as a normal dildo (i like the jumbo Thai jelly beads), a dildo and sex toy cleaner. Sorry - lots of ideas x

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