1. Prostate fun?? Help??

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    I want to play with my OH prostate during sex and foreplay but i dont know how to go about it. We bith can be a bit hesitant about admitting what we like but have started being more open lately. He does bring it up id say fairly often but as soon as i say well lets try it he goes the opposite and doesnt want to. Im taking this as he does but is a little shy maybe cos it is where he poops from!
    So im after any advice on how to start the ball rolling (or the finger poking) and how to actually do it.. Any help??

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    There's quite a few existing threads on this topic. This one might be particularly helpful!


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    Thankyou!! It was a good read :D

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    Hi Lll29
    Think if you start by rimming fot a while with a bit of lube you will soon find he will be begging you to pop a finger in.
    let him guide you to where it feels best for him he will do this by adjusting his position if he's to shy to let you know.
    Don't rush but have a couple of rimming sessions at first to build up his confidence.
    Hope it helps

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    There are plenty of videos and stuff that give you good tips on the interwebs. Have a look at the anatomy of that area as well. Everyone is wired up differently so let your other half guide you.

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