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  1. Oral sex...need a rant

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    Sorry he sounds very selfish

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    Okay, I understand that everything feels horrible and confusing at the moment. I think you should wait a few days until your emotions calm down a bit and then have a real talk with him about your future together. He should prove to you that he deserves you and want to fight for you guys.

    I really hope that he will take good care of you and treat you like you always wanted. But try to look at your relationship objectively after some time has passed and evaluate if he really is the man for you. You deserve unconditioned love and respect and I really hope he will make amends. Otherwise, you will find someone else that will love you to bits, because you deserve that.

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    Hi Stephy, sorry I enter at this point of the conversation.

    I can't help but agree with sxleksaker. From what you said, it doesn't seem to be a healty relationship. Maybe you do love him but sometimes people are not worth it, and if he is hurting you and brings more harm than joy, maybe it isn't worth it. Also, the fact that you can't let go of him doesn't mean that it's love, a lot of other things can cause that, like habits (being with a person for a long time just gets you used to his presence), fear of being alone, no finding someone better, etc.

    Also, I don't want to make you sad or paranoïde and cause things to be worse between you two but do you think he could've been cheating on you?

    so my advice would be to take the time to think this true. In the end, you are the one who takes the decisions and live with it, but in my opinion no relationship is better than a relationship where there can't be trust.

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    I am going to feel really really awful here but I have to be brutally frank without sugar coating .

    Most of us have to accept with the exception of the partner that we decide to spend the rest of our lives with , most other relationships run their course and will come to an end at sometime.

    Like some of the others have said ,I think here are clearly other issues here .I hate to see anyone hurt over a prolonged period and I can only see that happening here with the existing status quo.

    I think you need to have a chat and find out if there is still a future in this relationship.

    Good luck x

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    My oh would like me to do it more but if it doesn't feed right to me I don't like doing it sometimes her juices are to thick or I can't get the hairs out the way or sometimes she smells bad even when she has washed but sometimes she feels perfect and down I go

    Maybe just let him know that you love being licked and he is really good at it but you won't pressure him to do it

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    Hey everyone

    I haven't been on for a while. Thank you to everyone who has commented on this.
    So we sat down and talked about the whole oral thing as I always give it to him which before he didn't like anyone giving him oral but loves me doing it so basically he said he had gone off it as it reminded him off his bitch of an ex. Things were very bad with him and her and awful things happened I won't go into detail but sadly they lost a baby boy together and he doesn't want certain things to remind him of her. So I accepted that he has told me that it may change but it just reminds him of her. Trust me she was such a horrible bitch to him. Anyway things have been brilliant for us so brilliant Christmas Day he proposed to me and I said yes :)

    Thank you everyone for your advice xx

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    Good to hear !

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