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  1. Weekend in a Caravan

    Lone Ranger [sign in to see picture]
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    Been a long time since we had any time away. So decided on impulse to book a couple of nights away in a cheapskate caravan on the coast. OH up for it, would prefer it to be a 5 star hotel obviuosly. Ideas needed to make it a bit special.

    Young and fun95 [sign in to see picture]
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    fairy lights everywhere, lots of champagne and treats, just take all your favourite things with you and chill out together

    lmh95 [sign in to see picture]
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    Ooh lovely. Hope the weather stays nice and even if it's not warm you can wrap up warm and go for long walks along the coast. Watch the sunset, bring some hot chocolate and a travel rug and cuddle up warm under the stars. You could light a little fire for warmth and maybe even toast some marshmallows.

    Back at the caravan you could hang some fairy lights or light some candles and give each other a massage. If you've got the Lovehoney rose petals you could scatter them on the bed or arrange in a big heart as a surprise.

    Have you got any board games to take with you? Or you could chill with a favourite playlist and cocktails or a bottle of prosecco and some chocolate dipped strawberries.

    Have fun :)

    Gentleman Dom [sign in to see picture]
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    You're in the countryside, it's going to be warm...pack a blanket and some bubbles then find somewhere secluded and tick that 'had sex outdoors' box.

    Rimmer57 [sign in to see picture]
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    It doesn't matter if it's 5 star hotel or a caravan. so long as you and your OH are together, and your both up for it, it shouldn't matter where you stay, and if anything you should have more fun in where your going.

    With you saying it's on the coast, you can have walks along the beach, have a BBQ a few drinks, and if its secluded, you know what it could lead to, especially if the weather is good, even if it's raining but warm you can still have fun.

    Whatever you decide on how to keep your selves entertained, ENJOY!!! your weekend

    lmh95 [sign in to see picture]
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    Another idea if you are going along the beach is to draw a heart in the sand with a stick and then if you can get some big stones to write your initials in it :)

    MondaySixteenth [sign in to see picture]
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    What sort of things are you into? :)

    I'm big into BDSM so my ideal night away will likely be very different but you could invest in something that you fancy. a massage candle or a new toy is a suggestion as well as sexy lingerie or an outfit. Perhaps some role play if that's the sort of thing you like?

    Non-LH things though would be a nice home cooked meal and dessert if you the kitchen space, watching OH's favourite movie with them and having a nice fancy tipple.


    mysteron [sign in to see picture]
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    If weather is nice consider a picnic outside. Just be careful about hanky panky though. Those beds in caravans tend not to be as strong as say beds in a hotel.

    The key thing is ,is that you are in each others company and away from the normal stresses of modern life so enjoy yourselves.

    kittencub [sign in to see picture]
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    Make sure your not stuck cooking, if you can't afford to eat out every night then try picnic stuff,

    Gem276 [sign in to see picture]
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    How was your weekend? X

    Hanky Spanky! [sign in to see picture]
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    Sometimes the cheap breaks turn out great!

    HappilyExperimenting [sign in to see picture]
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    My OH and I had our main summer holiday last year in a caravan for a week. Just lots of lazy time together shopping and lazing about, playing on the beach. I loved it.

    Nooki or Monogamy could be a good alternative to monopoly whilst you're there. Have a good deck of cards too and play strip poker or something, break out the drinks and just have fun. I hope you enjoy yourselves! :)

    nodrog [sign in to see picture]
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    We have great fun in our caravan every weekend we close the blinds put the mattress off the bed on the floor in the living room abit of fun before sleep and a bit of fun in the morning

    Cant beat a caravan

    Penny26 [sign in to see picture]
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    We have great fun in our caravan, everything is within easy reach so you don't get tired runing up and down the stairs or around the house, you can't miss each other ! When lying in bed you can see the stars which you can't do in a tent or house. Our bed is a kingsize and quite strong enough for our romps! It is quite a cosy sound hearing the rain on the caravan roof. Pull the blinds and relax. Don't come knocking if the caravan is rocking !

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