1. Is this normal with girls?


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    This will sound very strange...but my girlfriend of 2 years, seems to pin me down all the time.

    Some examples

    I could be lying down on my phone, she would walk in sit on my chest and pin my shoulders with her knees? And start having a Conversation with me...

    or I could be lying in bed, or on the sofa, she would be fully clothed, and if shes in the mood. She will sit full weight on my chest, then she would slide down to my chin, my head would be between her thighs, she would grab my hair and start riding in to my face til she orgasm? ?

    It could be a tickle fight pin me down knees pinning shoulders tickling me..

    We could finish having sex! usually you would lay there, she gets up puts my arms down, sits on my chest slides her shins over my shoulder?

    We're at a park she would wrestle me down sit on my chest

    I havent mentioned it to her, what should I say? I mean it seems kind of strange. To sit on me like this all the time,??


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    Stop complaining and enjoy it!

    It probably her way of showing you who's boss in the bedroom. I am guessing she is probably got dominant traits .

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    Oh man! Go with the flow!

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    Every now and again, I'll pin my man down but in an obvious "I'm in the mood" way, before I restrain him and pleasure him. That's my only experience with it though..

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    Not something I tend to do but but having said that if my hubby is led down I'll offen sit as in straddle him whilst I kiss him or follow with sliding down him and sucking him of i have sat over his face while he has helped him self put not realy just gone in for pining down tieing him down yes he loves it. But i also love to be tied and i love when he pins me.feels so hot knowing he has the stregth to over power me if he wanted to.
    If it's something you don't like let her know.

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    Have you thought that she might be trying to show you what she would like you to do to her?

    Why not start tickling her or something and pin her down and move towards sex see how she reacts. Or when she steps out the shower push her (gently) against the shower tiles and give her some oral. I'm sure her reaction will show you if she enjoys it.

    If she doesn't then maybe say to her, you do it to me all the time.

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    I think the best way to deal with the situation is to just to talk to her about it. If you don't like her constantly sitting on your chest or restraining you after you have had sex or to just have a conversation then you need to let her know. I think the more you just let her do it, the more she will think it's okay.


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    thanks for the replys, not sure how i did it...but...i have some photos with our faces covered..

    i hid my phone twice, the one in the park, was taken by a friend,

    just so you get a ruff idea of what i mean,


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