1. Female condoms

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    Was thinking could femidoms be used as a way to stop the chances of infection when going from anal to vaginal penetration? I love anal and would love to try switching between vaginal and anal but infections is obviously a big worry with that. Has anyone ever used them for this, if so how did it work out? Also is there anyone on here in general that uses or has tried female condoms and if so why do you like or dislike them?

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    I haven't tried them but I know they they are not liked in general. They are harder to use than male condoms and often just are in the way. I think you may have to hold it. They also are more expensive than male ones. There isn't a lot of people who use them because of these reasons.

    If you want to try going from anal to vaginal, you could use a male condom during anal sex and take it off for vaginal sex, or you could douche before and use no condom (of course always wear a condom if you have not been tested) and have baby wipes near to wipe of before having vaginal sex. I'm not 100% sure about the last one though.

    These are only suggestions and ideas, I have never tried any of them nor have I tried a female condom. I'm only commenting because I think it may be heloful to share what I know about it until someone more expenrimented comments.

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    I tried them years ago and in my experience it took some perseverance to insert & use them correctly. They are basically a huge condom with a large ring at one end and a smaller ring at the other end. The condom is lubricated on the inside and on the outside.

    To use - remove packaging, squeeze the smaller ring and insert into the vagina, then insert a finger or two to push the ring up to the cervix, when it is in the right place the ring will expand and you should no longer feel it. The larger ring along with some of the condom sits on the outside of the vagina. You need to make sure that the penis enters the condom by holding it in place each time he enters you as it Is easy in the heat of the moment for it to miss the condom and go in at the side of it as there is nothing on the outside to hold the larger ring in place. When you have finished twist the condom a few times to trap any fluid and gently pull it out.

    I didn't find any real issues using them, they were comfortable however it can be embarrassing. I wouldn't suggest using them with someone you can't laugh with, a new partner or someone who gets turned off easily. If you can imagine holding this large ring attached to something that resembles a small carrier bag hanging outside of your vagina while trying to make sure he enters the condom & not you all the time trying to look sexy, its not going to happen lol. We couldn't stop laughing. Tips - explain that you are going to try them before hand as they are enough to make anyone go limp with shock If its not expected, explain that he needs to make sure he enters the condom each time & not you & practice inserting one before hand on your own as it is fiddley until you get the hang of it.

    If you can handle the embarrassment factor which really is ok if your close to the person then it Is worth a try. Let us know how you get on. Oh sorry for the long post, just trying to be informative. Hope this helps x

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    I very much prefer them to the male condom. Admittedly they look kind of strange when inserted, and it may put some guys off.

    But I find them better because;

    1: they can be inserted prior to starting sex, in fact it recomends this in the instructions. But I have had no problems starting sex imediately.

    2: They can remain in place as long as you like, up until the guy cums. Great if you want to do other things, and then go back to PIV sex, such as anal, you can go back and forth between the two as often as you like. They are super strong so as long as you make sure he gets it in the right place there is no risk of infection. The condom's out ring is about 2.5 inches in diamiter, so it's a fairly easy target to hit. I have never had any problems with this aspect. But I'm a careful sort of guy.

    3: If like me, anyone who struggles with the male condom, because they slip off if you go a bit soft, so you have to open a new one, and it kills the moment. Or because they reduce sensitivity to the point where you can't feel much, for the guy who takes a long time to cum, this make sex very difficult. With the female condom, provided you use plenty of extra lube, the man feels wetness, which is missing with the male condom.

    4: if you go a long time before cumming and this makes her sore, the female condom reduces direct friction for the woman; partners have said it feels ok for them, and they get to feel me.

    5: They are oil safe so you can go for body on body massage and then have sex with no worries of getting massage oil from you manhood into your partner. And you can use any of the anal lubes for anal sex and then go straight to vaginal sex, with no worries.

    6: You can take food sex to a whole new level, squirty aerosol cream, real chocolate sauce, etc make fun lubes. You can even share her with a mars bar thats melting inside her. now that is kinky.

    Yes they take a bit of practice to get them in, just make sure they are not twisted inside you, before you start. I like to fit them for her, it's kind of a sexy thing to start with, sort of a bit of fingering play.

    Yes they are twice the price of the male condom, but if you end up using several male condoms, during a long and varied play session then they end up cheaper. Plus all the things you can get up to with them, that you just can't do with the male condom.

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    The last time we got female condoms when we were still living in the UK were from the family planning clinic and they were free. Had to ask for them as them prefer to give out the normal male condoms as they are cheaper.

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