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  1. Sex toy virgin

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    Hi first time poster!
    I would like to introduce toys in the bedroom but not sure how to approach the subject with OH as not sure what he would think.
    He likes it when I dress up in stockings etc but how do we go to next level?

    mysteron [sign in to see picture]
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    Communication is the key cornerstone of every relationship. The only way forward would be to both of you to talk about your wants and needs etc. If you already dress up for him then perhaps your are already part way there in spicing things up.

    If you have a tab or I Pad the easiset way is when snuggled up to each other is to look at sex toys together on the Lovehoney site and perhaps go to the couples section first and look through and say something like " I might fancy trying that . What do you think ? "

    Then take it from there. I would recommend something like a Tracey Cox Bullet Vibe as a first toy. Small neat and inexpensive and can be used on both female and male bodies .

    Good luck

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    Well we have all been there at some stage. Mine was 34 years ago and buying a vibrator to use on my my then girlfriend, now wife. Very nervous but I think you can tell if someone is going to be receptive to those sorts of things by what you already get up to. It doesn't change as since I've introduced some very different toys in various shapes and sizes including strap on for her to use on me. At the end you just go for it by either introducing the said toy or you talk about the idea. I can't believe that most blokes would be adverse to the idea that their girlfriend/ wife has bought and dildo and it can form part of their fun. Buy it and go for it.

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    Talking being open and make it fun

    Lovehoney adverts on TV whilst watching commercials start with they have some great linger on there site and lead from there ease your way into it look at outfits costumes then wonder around the site

    My oh was a bit shy on toys...he would go into a sex shop that was local and buy dvds but I would say it was at least 5 years till we went together and bought our first toy it was so much fun and he came out of his shell I think we must have looked liked a pair of teens lol 😁

    Now we have Internet and lovehoney which makes it so much easier 😉

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