1. How did you first discover Lovehoney and how has it helped your sex life?

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    My first order was back in 2009 according to my order history and it was a twin pack of bondage tape. I still remember that stuff well - the feel and smell was better than any other bondage tape we've bought since! I was a member of the forum before that tho. In fact I'll be celebrating my 10 year anniversary this year!!

    I can't quite remember why we shopped and whether the wife was mad with me at the time. We did buy the durex play wand though a few months later (an old rechargeable wand that they no longer make) and this lasted us years before it broke. This was the key in making Lovehoney a really positive addition to our marriage. My OH started feeling so much sexier with this - and she even startef squirting.

    Thanks LH!!

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    I remember reading online about how Sex Toys aren't just for the Ladies, and after googling 'Male Sex Toys' my world opened up to the world of LH.

    First thing I bought was a cheap Fleshlight, and my collection grew from there. Now I own more toys than I can count, and recently introduced my friend (F) to the world of Sex Toys.

    It's safe to say, LH is the best thing to happen to my sexual life so far :)

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    My wife tasked me with finding her a new vibrator as she'd had hers for a couple of years and was finally considering upgrading to something a bit more swish. So I went to Google and typed in a well-known competitor's name into the search bar and at the top of the search results was an ad for Lovehoney offering me 30% off my first order with them. Obviously I followed the link, and then discovered that they were also having a 70% off sale. I thought I'd hit the jackpot. 🙂

    After having a bit of a look at all the stuff they had on offer I realised that browsing from my phone couldn't cut it and thought I'd better change to my laptop for some serious research. Anyway, I put my order in, got a load of kit for a really good price, and was super chuffed. But then noticed, as I'd swapped devices, it hadn't included the original 30% off...

    I checked to see if it was on top of sale prices (and it was) so I phoned up customer services and explained what had happened and the very nice person that I spoke to refunded me the 30%. 🙂 I was genuinely impressed. I knew right then that I was going to buy from them again.

    And I have. So much more stuff. Like a ridiculous amount. Like almost all the stuff. And every time I've been even more impressed than the last.

    It's only been a couple of months, and I don't normally like to rush these things, but I think maybe, just maybe, Lovehoney might be the 'one'.

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