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  1. How did you first discover Lovehoney and how has it helped your sex life?

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    Enjoy your feminine desires. Toys are not for everyone but having a bit of 'me' time does anyone good.

    Learn to relax, put on some soft music and enjoy.

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    As a gay man I remember wanting to explore my sexuality without being chucked in at the deep end.

    Other sites that tailored for gay men seemed so limited, it was too much leather and not enough anal play stuff (and the stuff they sold would have ripped me in half if I'd used it). That's when I stumbled across LoveHoney, the demonstration video's are unique really and the staff look like they have a good time too.

    Sex is supposed to be fun, so many guys I've been with could crack glass with their odd sex grimaces. Lovehoney has lot's of fun stuff and because I try so much I now know what I want (still finding new stuff too) and how I want it.

    Plus as someone who appreciates a good lube, being able to see the ingredients of the lubes sold is a big plus, I have a lot of anal play and using the wrong lube can be awful.

    By far the best thing I got from this site was my first prostate toy, within to weeks I have climaxed from anal play alone and was hooked ever since, it's hard to do but if you have the time and patience it is amazing.

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    I came across LH while serching for some new jiggle balls. I purchased some in the 3 for £10 offer.

    I was really impressed with the delivery and service, so a few months later after talking to hubby I placed another order, and also joined the forums.

    LH has definitely made me more adventurous, in introducing new things to hubby. Our sex drives are not that matched these days so toys for me keep us both happy

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    I heard about it from the tv when a programme was reviewing toys. I've always been a bit of a prude and never talked about sex didn't really enjoy it with my previous partner but since I got with my new partner 6 months ago he's made me realise how much fun you can have and how amazing and exciting sex can be so we decided to add some extra fun by adding toys. I've never been able to orgasm probably due to being with the wrong person. I've recently found that I can get turned on and I can in fact orgasm we have the best time in the bedroom. Love honey is now my fave place for shopping and I am quite happy to shout it from the rooftop 😄

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    Me and my now ex partner were stick in a sexual rut - he was working to many hours and the only thing that mattered to him was work. I got very frustrated and brought my self a friend (vibrator) from lh. After typing so meting into good old Google I found lh and haven't looked back since.

    Sadly I'm a single woman now so the toys are coming in handy!

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    I discovered LH after coming out of a 12 year relationship. My ex was a bit of a 'steady eddie' so never encouraged anything a little more fun so I was stuck in my little comfort zone of vanillaness ( that's now a word)

    My new OH of about a year definitely had a naughty side and I found myself loving it but never quite brave enough to fully embrace it. habits from a 12 year relationship are hard to break and it nearly cost me my new one.

    Then came LH. My first purchase was a love egg amongst a few others. His face when he realised what I was wearing was an absolute picture and I haven't looked back.

    Not only has it improved our sex life and therefore put relationship, it was made me so much more confident as a person. If I can feel confident allowing my bf to watch me pleasure myself whilst playing with an anal toy I can be confident I can stop sweating the small stuff!

    The forums too are fab. Apart from introducing us to some new ideas it makes us realise the stuff we enjoy is not so strange after all!

    Thanks LH!!!

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    Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences.

    Really glad to hear that shopping with Lovehoney and being part of this community has helped so many of you:)

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    Saw the TV programme back in August last year. As for how it has helped my sex life, well I met my boyfriend on here and we are still going strong.

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    Echo32B wrote:

    I was searching for an orgasm, at the time I thought I was either broken or that people had made female orgasms up. In a last ditch attempt I decided to order some sex toys, luckily this was the first site I found, I took advantage of the three for £75 offer, but I think I spent well over £100 in total on that first order. Everything was good, but I still really struggled to get 'there', that was were the forums have helped the most I think, just seeing everyone talking openly really took the worry and stigma away from masterbating. And within a few more orders I found a toy that helped be acheive the big O.

    Its helped my sex life imensley, I've discovered kinks I didnt know I had, become waaaay waaaaay more open and explorative and even learnt to orgasm during sex. Something that comes almost as easy as breathing now.

    So I hadnt though about it till now, but I guess I owe a lot to LH. <3

    Great thread by the way :)

    I discovered LH online searching for an orgasm too! LH isn't the cheapest out there, but the customer service and returns policy helped me decide to shop with them since I didn't want to be spending my money on something that does nothing for me. In the process I found this forum and the LH youtube videos, and it's been so interesting finding out all the different things people are interested in! :D

    I still haven't orgasmed though (sadface), and I'm wondering which toy it was that helped you, Echo32B?

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    OrdinaryMan wrote:

    Unfortunately, I think it's just symptomatic of her general lack of libido. I think she literally just scratches the itch when it occurs with no 'sexual' thoughts involved.

    Whilst she likes the toys, I think I just gave her a free hand (no pun intended!) to go ahead without me (whether with toys or not), which wasn't really the idea.

    I've tried to help her improve her libido, but its like trying to get someone who is totally not hungry to try different flavours of chocolate cake.

    Maybe just enjoy things like cuddles, light touching and kissing on her body?

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