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  1. How did you first discover Lovehoney and how has it helped your sex life?

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    Just wondering ,how everyone else on the forum first found out about Lovehoney.

    Personally, we had got stuck in a bit of a rut in the bedroom due to work based stress, tiredness and the pressure of responsibilities trying to raise a family.
    When we finally collapsed into bed at night, sleep was usually the only thing on our minds. Sex became a chore on the endless to do list and our relationship began to suffer. We were grumpy and resentful towards each other and it felt like we were slowly drifting apart. So, we talked and decided to try to improve things and it was while browsing the internet for hints and tips that I came across a page for tightening pelvic floors after childbirth (which was a bit of a problem for me) and how to have an orgasm that I saw Lovehoney mentioned as a good place to buy jiggle balls and in another post on the same site it recommending using a bullet vibrator during intercourse for increasing the chances of having an orgasm. Further investigation was required so I typed in Lovehoney and a whole new world was opened up to me. After consulting with my OH my first order for Tracey Cox supersex toning balls and the supersex bullet vibrator and a few other bits and bobs (lube etc) was made and my sexual enlightenment finally began.

    I've always been very shy, reserved and rather unadventurous sexually and had never owned a sex toy and didn't really know how to masturbate properly or what my clitoris could do. Boy was I in for a treat!😆

    I now realise how much I have missed out on over the years. I enjoyed sex when I wasn't too tired to be bothered but I never got the obsession with it that seemed to surround us on TV, in books, magazines etc.
    I now totally get it!

    Now after discovering Lovehoney and reading the great advice and suggestions from everyone on the forums I have become a bit of a late bloomer sexually and we as a couple have become much more adventurous, have tried and enjoyed lots of new things that we never even knew about and have a much, much better sex life now than we did just over 20 years ago when we first got together. We are happier with each other and our daily lives, we're much less stressed and more chilled out and although I am a bit bigger than I was pre- children I have much more body confidence now than I have ever had in the past.

    So, how did you first find out about Lovehoney and how has discovering Lovehoney and the forums helped you and your relationship?

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    I was searching for an orgasm, at the time I thought I was either broken or that people had made female orgasms up. In a last ditch attempt I decided to order some sex toys, luckily this was the first site I found, I took advantage of the three for £75 offer, but I think I spent well over £100 in total on that first order. Everything was good, but I still really struggled to get 'there', that was were the forums have helped the most I think, just seeing everyone talking openly really took the worry and stigma away from masterbating. And within a few more orders I found a toy that helped be acheive the big O.

    Its helped my sex life imensley, I've discovered kinks I didnt know I had, become waaaay waaaaay more open and explorative and even learnt to orgasm during sex. Something that comes almost as easy as breathing now.

    So I hadnt though about it till now, but I guess I owe a lot to LH. <3

    Great thread by the way :)

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    Thanks for the reply Echo32B. Your post struck a chord. I too thought I was broken and that female orgasms were made up.

    Glad you finally found out they are real and that Lovehoney has helped you to find them :)

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    From my OH purchasing off here

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    We first found Lovehoney after seeing the 'More sex please, we're British' documentary so decided to come have a look on the website. I saw it was cheaper than the main high street rival and it offered plenty of information for people new to this type of thing.

    We were eachothers first times in a long term relationship so it was just part of our continued experimenting. We'd been in a shop, saw it was a bit pricey for students who were just testing the waters and we felt a bit embarrased. Using Lovehoney allowed us to get items without being embarrassed and the amount of reviews and information helped us do our research first. We litterally spent a whole night looking before our first order and we were so excited till our package arrived.

    I have to say the range of offers availale on here also helped seen as we were experimenting and helped persuade us think it was worth doing. We have just gone on further and further getting new toys and trying new things.

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    I love hearing how much it has helped

    My last relationship was fairly sexually repressive relationship so I'd tried to ignore my kinks and keep them confined to my mind. The result was that I didn't really enjoy sex in that relationship. A couple of years later I got back in touch with an old fuck buddy. Being around him reminded me of how much more adventurous and sexually confident I used to be. Even though I'd been into some weird and wonderful kinky shit in the past, I didn't have much in the way of bondage gear, just a collar and cuffs (that I'd actually gone into a real shop to buy!)

    I decided to get my first vibrator after using one with a partner and him telling me most women have one. I'd never really understood why someone would want one because I am pretty adept with my hands, but I was intrigued enough to start looking online. A friend from another forum mentioned Lovehoney so I had a look and placed my first order.

    My first order contained things that weren't so great but it got me looking at all sorts of things and I discovered my love of dildos. Now I have a list as long as my arm of things I want to buy!

    I don't think it was just Lovehoney that caused me to get back my sexual confidence and adventurousness, but it has certainly helped.

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    After 48 years of marriage and me 70 and my wife 69, we needed to get out of the sexual rut we were in. We were still active a couple of times a week but it had all become very routine and we never really talked about sex (and never really had). I had heard of LH so had a look last Autumn and ordered a few things to surprise my wife. To my great pleasure (and more than a little astonishment) she was up for trying a few vibrators but initial "trials" weren't too successful and she found it very difficult to orgasm. Eventually we worked out that it was an age/power issue and ended up with the wonderful Doxy plus various clitoral stimulation creams.

    It has made a huge difference to our sex life. It still takes 15/20 minutes to get to the first orgasm but then 3 or 4 more follow and they are the most intense that she's ever had. It's also led to her initiating sex every 2/3 days. We've discovered that vaginal stimulation does little for her and never really has she finally admitted. She enjoys it but mainly because I do. She likes oral on her but doesn't much enjoy doing it to me and bondage is a definite "No!". I'm hopeful that we may be a little more adventurous - anal possibly - but if not, I'll settle for the regeneration of our sex life and the look on her face and verbalisation when she cums.

    Thanks, Lovehoney - it's made such a difference to our lives.

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    We had a couple of toys but nothing really inspiring, after watching a TV show with Tracey Cox I saw the 'her' glass dildo set and searched the web to find a set. The search brought me to Lovehoney and they were on sale. I couldn't believe my luck so ordered them
    straight away. We haven't looked back and we now have a vast collection of goodies from Lovehoney. The forum is fantastic. We love the friendly atmosphere and great advice on offer. Also we like how Lovehoney staff get involved it's a 'proper' little community.

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    Thanks very much for all the replies so far.

    It's been very interesting to read other people's stories and great to see what a positive effect being part of the Lovehoney community has had on you all :)

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    I have been with my husband for over 10 years now and our sex life was so dull! We got into a routine where we were just board.

    Recently we started marriage counselling and it has got us to open up more. We found that I'm too shy to talk sex (even though I have had many sexual partners) and he is too scared of me shooting him down. So we sat one night and said what we would like to try, what we may want to in the future and what will never happen.

    We have had a high street branded rabbit, cock rings(once had a accident losing, oh the embarrassment!) and a bullet. They were all very poorly made so I searched online for a reputable company as I get a bit embarrassed in a store. Et voila! I placed my first order on Sunday evening, we received our discreet parcel today and had a great time whilst our children were at school!

    We have vowed to purchase at least every 6 months to keep things fresh.

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    I was introduced to LH by my first boyfriend, he had used the site for a few years before we met and I had only started having sex a month before being introduced to the site, so it opened my eyes and taught me eveything I know today!.....almost 2 1/2 years later! ^_^

    My ex had very particular tastes and wanted me to try them out, so he ordered us some things and I soon became a tester after he encouraged me for a few weeks and we would ordered every week, but sadly he wouldn't listen when I said I didn't enjoy certain things and if I said no we'd argue and he'd show me all the things he'd like to have ordered 'us' to make me feel guilty. Soon after he became paranoid when I refused to have sex with him and he accused me of cheating with my best friend, this went on for 6 months until I left him as he took the joy and fun out of LH for me.

    Almost a year since I left him, I'm back to my owld self, enjoying sex with someone who enjoys the same quirks, doesn't make a deal if he is told no and isn't afraid to say no too and is overall a great respectful guy.

    Being part of the forums, I have learned so much and learned to accept that my own quirks aren't 'nasty' and are pretty common, now that I'm single, I feel I can talk much freely on the forums and I always have my friends giving me inputs on what to write and they give me an odd review.......plus I am the go-to gal for anything lingerie or sex toy so I'm always showing them items on LH. ^_^ x

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    I discovered it because I wanted to buy my first sex toy, and through seeing the Lovehoney adverts on tv and literally not having heard of any other places, it was here I went for. It was also the only place I could find that accepted postal orders (I needed to do that at the time) and it had the really great returns policy.

    In terms of how it has helped me and my relationship, the toys themselves very much are my personal solo pursuit, but I do think they have had an awesome knock-on effect for my relationship. Not that my relationship was stale or anything, but this is my first relationship, so I was relatively inexperienced, so the toys have helped me discover my own body better, and has helped me unlock a g-spot orgasm with my partner, which I don't know if it would have happened without the toys first. I also think it has helped me gain more confidence about asking for what I want and the tester scheme has opened up more discussion, because I can be like "ooo guess what we get to try". And although toys don't feature in our partnered sex life, we have had the occasional dib into blindfolds, handcuffs, sexy dress up, so even though it is minimal experience, I feel happy I have at least got to try out a couple of things once or twice, to satisfy my curiousity.

    Basically, I was already enthusaistic about sex, but discovering Lovehoney really helped me hone my pleasure better, helped me gain confidence in enjoying myself and making myself happy and it has helped me find something I genuinely enjoy doing. So thank you very much Lovehoney! :)

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    Both me and my hubby was stuck in a rut my hubby worked nights so I'd come in and he would be off out (doesnt work there now thank God)

    To make matters worse my sex drive went crazy through the roof and with my hubbys job and him being tired and stressed sex wasn't on the top of his list his libido had dropped 😢

    I talked to my hubby as I was feeling really frustrated sexually and suggested we looked for a toy for me as it would ease the fact of me pouncing on him whenever I could as I was and still am that horny

    I had only ever owned one toy years ago and hardly ever used it as our sex life was really active then and it was a little too big for me at the time (I was a newbie to toys lol) we wanted a site that gave good descriptions
    We looked on the Internet and found lovehoney and liked the fact that lovehoney show videos of the toys giving a real better idea of what you was going to buy 😀

    It made our life and my life more bearable it start with a glass dildo and then onto other toys etc after that we haven't got loads but our wishlist is a little full for ideas my hubby no longer works nights and with having the toys and lingerie off lovehoney has made our sex life more fun and turned things up for us

    It's made me more open about what I want (as always felt guilty/dirty mastrubating) and my hubby has opened up too and is more willing to try different things which has made us closer and stronger as a couple 👫 who says sex gets less as you get older I know 40 isn't really old but me and my hubby have been together 20 years and we now have a more satisfying loving adventurous sex life than in our early years and that's partly with the help from lovehoney 😀😀😀😀

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    I am from Croatia and I was looking for Magic Wand for my wife on the web. We already had quite a lot of sex toys but we were looking for something different. Because Hitachi magic wand only works in USA so my web browser offered me Lovehoneys Magic Wand. That is what I first bought. After that I have joined Lovehoney community on 28 Jan 2016. From then I had 11 orders and bought over 40 new toys and lingerie pieces. We have been married for 16 years with 2 children and the sex is better than ever.

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    With us it was looking up a competitor about 3 years ago, I found it by accident and appeared to offer more. . Our sex life at the time was in a bit of a rut. We had sex at the time, about once a month . My Mrs was into her FSOG novels and therefore it was coincidence perhaps one night over dinner we had that "chat" and both agreed that we needed our love life spicing up . I must stress there was nothing wrong with the relationship per se just the sex was predicatble and samey and not very often. We had both let our appearances go a little and so we also decided to look smarter/attactive for each other and go out on date nights. Also myself to up my game in losing weight which has been well documented elsewhere on here.

    Our first order IIRC consisted of a paddle for which we still have( now used only as a naughty stick on the backside of the instigator of any arguments) , flavoured lubes and a book on spanking by Lady Green .The first roleplay which was the classic student detention type quickly followed and the rest as they say is history.

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    Thanks everyone for sharing your stories and three cheers to Lovehoney for bringing the spark back for so many of us, broadening our horizons and bringing us altogether as part of the community :)


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    My oh have had some fertility issues and over the past 4 years we've had various hormone treatments, diagnoses and heartbreaks, all of which were having a massive effect on our sex life.
    Sex had become a chore to try to conceive rather than something we did for want or pleasure, I'd also stopped mastrubating which is something I'd always done and enjoyed.
    After a final diagnosis last year we sort of drew a line under it and started having much better and more intimate sex again. Then on a very candid girls night a friend mentioned Lovehoney and I took a look.
    A dozen or so orders later and we're loving sex and I've found my personal mojo again 😊😊 toys are largely for my solo use though my OH does enjoy watching and using them on me, still trying unsuccessfully to get him into boys toys!!

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    I saw LH on another website and clicked on the link. Discovered it just over a month ago and since then Bought a few items including toys- which have helped me through my non existent sex life (for now) 😂 So far so good!

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    I first found LH from a web search. I bought my wife a small / cheap / crap vibe from a sex shop shortly after we were married to try to spice things up a little and broaden her very vanilla horizons. Wanting something better, we ended-up at LH.

    Unfortunately though, it's not ultimately been good news...

    It simply reinforced her feelings that she could have fun on her own, without the fuss of having me / any man involved, so takes care of her own needs without me.

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    OrdinaryMan wrote:

    I first found LH from a web search. I bought my wife a small / cheap / crap vibe from a sex shop shortly after we were married to try to spice things up a little and broaden her very vanilla horizons. Wanting something better, we ended-up at LH.

    Unfortunately though, it's not ultimately been good news...

    It simply reinforced her feelings that she could have fun on her own, without the fuss of having me / any man involved, so takes care of her own needs without me.

    Oh no OrdinaryMan, how do you feel? :( that sounds a bit unfair in regards to you :(

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