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  1. Glasgow City Council aim to criminalise "purchase of sex"

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    i dont disagree with prostitution at all. i dont know any prostitutes personally (that im aware of, but i would understand that if any of my friends are why they would be too worried about telling anyone, including me)

    however, i do know men that either use them, or have used them in the past, and i dont have a problem with it. to me its a service with a need, just like any other. and just like ringing an electrician, its just someone doing their job, they might not necessarily like it too much, but its a job and its consenting adults

    and i definately agree it should be legalised. lets see the taxes contibuting like ours do, lets see protection for the workers and also people that wish to use their services. lets see girls off the streets and into somewhere warm and dry. lets see an end to human trafficking and under age prostitution and MONITOR IT!! this cant be done while it is still illegal and any further laws against it will do nothing more than result in more workers getting hurt and more pimps getting rich!!! x

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    I feel Amsterdam has the right idea really, being from that neck of the woods myself I think a "red light" district would be benificial

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