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  1. anal for a complete beginner

    Sjw87 [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi everybody

    I have been with my partner coming on 12+ years now and i have always been very strict on no anal play. mostly because of the stigma surrounding it and the horror stories!

    I have decided now, as im becoming more mature in my thinking and wanting to please my OH in every way that he desires, that I am more than willing to try.

    He is of course really happy with this as its something that he has mentioned he would like to give a go(but he has never ever pressured or pushed it up on me!)

    I have put in the slimline beginners butt plug, anal lube and douche into my basket ready to check out. It might aswell all be alien to me but any tips and advice on these would be great.

    The butt plugis only 3.5cm in circumfrence and im a little scared about then taking the step up as my OH has a 'thick' manhood at double! has anybody got any tips for anal with your partner being 'thick'?

    Thanks in advance

    Iwantmore [sign in to see picture]
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    I like you held off trying it and it's only the last week I've been happy to do it.

    I played with plugs on my own to get used to it and moved up with the sizes to get used to it.

    So the other night I started off playing and after some toy action let my oh penetrate me. The only advice I can give is take things slowly, relax and plenty of lube. I also found that entering a little and stopping allowing your body to adjust worked.

    Take things steady and don't feel you have to go all the way to start with xx

    Tigeress13 [sign in to see picture]
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    Anal sex is a very intimate and extremely pleasurable part of sex but I can understand you might have reservations to begin with. The most important part about anal sex is communication and communication from the person who is recieveing it. The reciever should always be in control and the giver should ALWAYS respect that.

    Your doing well buying toys. To begin with we played using fingers and slowly built up, 1 or 2 fingers and then (with PLENTY) lubricant, his cock. You will have to do a lot of guideing and it'll be a very slow intense form of sex to begin with. Make sure you talk to him and don't be worried if he's only in a little bit, you need to let yourself relax before you let him all the way in or go at any speed. I've found clitorel stimulation helps me relax quicker, but I guess this also makes me orgasim a lot quicker too.....

    Anal toys are a great way of buidling yourself up to his size if your worried but as long as your relaxed and communicate then it should be an incredible night for you both. Enjoy. xx.

    Alicia4Ever [sign in to see picture]
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    Hi Sjw87 here's a couple of recent threads that may interest you.

    Hope you learn to love it, I do, you may even get your OH interested in having you use a strap on, on him, partners I have had say it's a real turn on for them, giving it to a guy.

    Terri JJ [sign in to see picture]
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    Play on your own a few times first using your fingers, a small plug/toy and plenty of lube that way you'll get used to the sensation of having something inserted. Once you're comfortable with that let your oh join in but only with a small toy to start with. If it all goes well then you can progress onto something a little larger.

    Full anal sex takes a while to build up too. You need to be in full control of your body so whilst playing alone teach yourself to relax. Breathe deeply and push whatever you're playing with in each time you exhale that way your muscles should be at their most relaxed.

    A butt plug set may be a good idea as you can increase the size slowly over a period of time xx

    Helebear92 [sign in to see picture]
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    Do what helps you feel comfortable, talk to your partner, tell him your thinking of doing this and go through it together in a fashion you feel confident with. Start off small, using butt plugs (small) and anal beads, progress onto bigger stuff as and when you feel ready. .. it will be fun investigating togther but always be prepared to say no if it doesn't feel right for you :) xx

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