• Beards or no beard

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    Ink and Kink wrote:

    The guy I'm seeing has a beard. He suits it super well.

    But I do think it depends on the face that carries the beard.
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    Very true. Not every guy suits a beard. I don't think the presenter of Match of the Day suits one at all .

    I also agree with Leanne ,beards don't add anything to a sexual experience. I just think they enhance the looks of some guys . I suppose I am lucky in that I look good with or without. But I prefer with at the moment as I don't like shaving everyday .

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    My skin is so soft and sensative its untrue so when I do shave I have to take my time and be careful or i'll look butchered. Insead, i've just been keeping a bit of a beard but trim it to keep it in good nick. I'm not exactly a fan and neither was my girlfriend but now she doesn't like it if i at least dont have some stubble.

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    I love beards!!!
    My love for beards only started about 2 and a half years ago. Before that I loved clean shaven guys.
    Then I met *Toby and older guy. He was a teacher, in a punk band, loved the same music and films as me. He sounded perfect but I wasn't sure of the beard. But I thought I would give it a try. It wasn't so bad. Took me a wee while to get use to kissing someone with a beard. I an au natural down below so oral isn't affected. We dated for 4 months. After that I was hooked and needed a new beard in my life!!!
    My boyfriend Gryff was that beard!!! Along with all his other amazing features.
    He shaved his beard once and I didn't like it. He didn't either he said he felt naked.
    Gryff has a lovely full beard he keeps neat and tidy. He looks after it well with beard shampoo and oils.

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    mysteron wrote:

    I also agree with Leanne ,beards don't add anything to a sexual experience.

    It really adds something to my experience of receiving oral sex. Just a personal preference.

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    i have a well trimmed beard and my gf seems to love it

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