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  1. Anal play positions

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    Hi all!

    I have gone back 11 pages and searched the forum for an answer but no luck!

    I personally am not into anal, I have problems there and no matter how relaxed or how much lube it hurts and usually makes me sore.

    My OH on the other hand would like me to do it to him, which I'm more than happy to do, I have tried but having a few issues.

    1:Position - if I'm giving him a HJ and i'm between his legs I can reach to get my finger there. I cant for the life of me work out a position I could give him a BJ whilst doing this. Are there some diagrams or videos or something haha!

    2: Nails - I do have nails, they're my own and not THAT long but when i have been in the position to reach i feel like i'm scratching him or going to hurt him. Do you cut your nails for your men when you do this?

    3: Sex - I don't think he is ready for a plug or massager yet but I know he would like something whilst we're having sex. Again, I can'y seem to reach! I never thought I had small arms but I'm starting to think i'm not vry well proportioned!

    4: Pegging - For the who have tried pegging, did it start like this? I've only really learnt and read about it today and I would love to do him from behind! But aware thats either not in his vision and he is no where near ready!

    Apologies for all the questions!



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    Firstly Hi and welcome :)

    Secondly, whenever you're playing anally, whether you're using fingers, toys etc remember, LUBE LUBE LUBE ! It's really important to use plenty of a good quality lube at all times ....dont want anyone getting sore down there :)

    If you kneel in front of him and give him a BJ you should be able to reach between his legs easily to get a finger in there.

    I have long nails and have never scratched my oh but a pair of thin examinatioin gloves would eradicate that worry.

    Getting a finger in there during sex can be difficult...reverse cowgirl works quite well, and I have short arms ! There are some small beginners plugs which are virtually finger size, so one of those may be a better option.



    either of these would do just fine. You could also consider a prober. These are a little longer and you only nneed to hold the loop at the end...giving you a few extra inches reach.



    Pegging is something you can work up to. Probably best to start off with a couple of small troys first...just to see how you both get on with it. Lovehoney do a beginners pegging strapon set which is inexspensive and the dildo is quite small.


    its not intimmidating and is comfortable to use (I use it on my oh).

    I'd play for a bit with fingers and small toys and maybe then have a chat with him about pegging in the future...there's no need to rush. xx

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    For a blow job, you could both lie on your sides with your head level with his crotch and then you could reach between his legs and get to his bum? I don't know, I've never tried it, but I can envision it!

    Yes, I cut my nails. If you don't want to cut your nails you could try wearing a latex/nitrile glove to avoid scratching him. You could very easily scratch him internally without realising.

    With regards to him not being ready for plugs or pegging, may I ask how far you've actually gotten in terms of penetration? If you've managed one finger inside him then you'll have no problem finding a plug that he can manage, like these:




    We've used all three of those during sex and they're great, the Tracy Cox one is the one I'd reccomend most because it's really soft and easy to wear but I understand he may not like the pink.

    You could also find a pegging dildo he could manage, it could actually help you at the minute with your reach problems as well. Remember it's only the girth you need to keep an eye on, as he doesn't have to take the entire length. The extra length could serve you as a handle/arm extension. These have a nice small girth and again are barely a step away from a finger:



    You can do him from behind with one of those without buying a harness, but you can also get these two as part of a set (the advanced one may be too large for him but you never know, if he's relaxed he could surprise you):



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