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  1. Lingerie Vs Dress up?

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    Should I buy Flaunt me floral lace open cup crotchless body or the Exposed cheap thrills made to please (open cup French maids outfit)

    I also value some suggestions for the role play if I opted for the French Maids outfit!

    I can't wait to hear what Mysteron has in mind, knowing that this is his forte!

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    Can anyone tell me how they add the links to said items and is it possible to do that on an iPad please?

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    I think the Flaunt Me Floral Body is really hot! I would pick that one :)

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    I would go with the flaunt me floral lace. It a wonderful piece of lingerie.


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    I would go with the French Maid: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=33930

    For the links, it's enough you open them in a new tab/browser, copy the link from the bar, and paste it in your post here. Lovehoney links will automatically be added hyperlinks, other sites' will just appear as plain text.

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    I've got the LH flaunt me lace open cup body and I love it, it's so sexy! I'm generally not a fan of the dress up outfits so I couldn't really compare though. I wrote a review of the lace outfit so check that out to see if it helps you :)

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    Thank you guys!

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    I would always pick the lingerie option.i think it's always a sexier choice

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    I have both colours of the flaunt me body so may be bias, but I'd definitely choose it over a French maid outfit!

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    Both. Wear the body underneath the French Maids outfit.

    The French maids outfit must rank near the top in male fantasies possibly at the top eclipsing the schoolgirl out fit .I am still quite surprised LH still stock the schoolgirl outfit as morally it is really not right.

    As regards a scenario then it's probably one of the easiest roleplays to do with many ways depending on your boundaries .

    I can't go too much into dialogue otherwise the mods will pull th e thread .Whilst fictionalisation isn't against the forum rules per se for some reason they arn't comfortable with it.

    If I could find the thread I did for Kazamarie then that would be the way to go.

    The easiest way would be literally to become a servant for the evening for your OH .We use ours and my more skimpier butler outfit in this way as forfeits for when either of us lose at a board game.

    If you want to surprise your OH then I suggest you wear a bathrobe over the top and then remove it in his presence. You could say something like "I am your new servant for the evening and I am at your command." Everytime he asks you to do something you replied "Yes Sir " .The Sir bit being most important. I would also recommend that you have a feather duster and dust things including him especially in his crotch area. If for any reason he tries to get you out of the uniform too early then slap his hands and say something like in a dodgy French accent "That's naughty Sir non ,that is not in my contact !"

    If you want an easy way to get him out of his clothes then a way to do this is when he requests a drink some time then fill a plastic tumbler with ice water and then"accidently" drop it I nto his lap. And then apologise profusely and rub the wet area in a vain attempt to dry him. Then say something like "Sir I need to get you out of these wet clothes sir otherwise you will catch you death of col d .".

    I am not sure if your into impact play but again that is quite easy to bring in. Just be naughty ie be a minx all night and give him an excuse to punish you.

    A big liking for both me and the Mrs when we do roleplays is the improvisation and the bad acting. Really she is better than me and I did drama at school. So don't worry about the acting the worse it is, the better and both of you should have a laugh .

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    Awesome advice as always! I have currently bought the lingerie option but I will definitely be buying the French maids soon! It's been out of stock for ages, mysteron I love spanking and they're are fab suggestions! I will definitely be spilling some water over him soon!!

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