1. Thank you. Thank you!

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    I have always been really open and happy to discuss sex but struggled to articulate with what I really wanted in bed, don't get me wrong I'm submissive in the bedroom but I'm not shy at all (a bit of a contradiction??)

    Thanks to you guys I feel like the best sex I have ever had has just got a whole lot better!!!

    During our date nights (we have 6 kids between us) we were able to discuss safe words and pushing boundaries and I feel closer to him than ever.

    We role played a rape fantasy, pushed boundaries with S&M and toys and finally braved anal after our "unfortunate incident" as well as having loving intimate sex too! I am such a happy bunny and long may it continue!


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    I am glad the community has been able to assist. It is fun when your try new things together.

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    So great to hear a good success story! I'm so happy for you.x

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    That's really great to hear

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    I'm really pleased that you are both happy and now closer than ever x


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    Fantastic to hear hunni. Im glad this community has helped you. Keep up the fun ❤xx

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    So lovely to hear this! I am sure this is just the start. Enjoy exploring

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    Woo hoo!

    That's simply wonderful! This forum/community has helped/is helping me and my solo and shared play with husband. It's just a wonderful place to learn how to explore and lose the shame..

    Congratulations, taking your relationship to another level! 💖

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