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  1. Latex glove reaction...

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    Earlier this week I had an odd reaction to some latex gloves (a pack off the shelf from a superstore, starts/ends with A), but I'm not sure if it was an allergic reaction or just some odd irritant.

    Hunting around t'internet it sounds like it may/could have been a reaction to the latex or the powder. But you know google, a million points of view to every question posed. It might've been aliens, according to some google posts, though I obviously didn't pursue those - these humans are crazy :)

    I might try some non-powdered nitrile gloves instead. A shame The LoveHoney Fabness don't stock a nitrile glove option. Sigh.

    I hunted on the posts here for similar threads and there were a few... but...

    I wondered - does anyone have any similar experiences, are nitrile gloves that much "better" for certain, er... (ah, screw it) bum related activities? Does anyone know why nitrile gloves seem a tad harder to buy (only online as far as I can tell)?

    I wasn't going to ask/post this, not sure what anyone could really say to help... but just decided to post anyway, as you do.


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    I use nitrile gloves on a daily basis, as i work in healthcare. latex ones were giving me an reaction and made me really itch. I do prefer the vinyl powder free ones though, depends what work has in stock :(

    You can buy latex free gloves in boots but they come in packs of 10 for about £3, i would order online, a pack of 100 are around £4-£5 from medical sites like alexandra, medisave etc. you can usually find these cheaper on amazon, i get mine from amazon if i know i can't get into the office.

    I prefer the purple/blue to the clear

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    Eurocarparts also sell them in boxes of 100 both nitrile and vinyl types.

    Ady4189 [sign in to see picture]
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    Thanks for the replies.

    There's an ECP dealer down the road, so might go get some and try them out, see if they help with the reaction.

    Then yes, order online after that.

    Also asked LH if they've ever considered stocking them, but as a reply correctly pointed out, it wouldnt make sense for LH to do so when Amz can sell them for so little.

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