1. Private vs. Open

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    Me personally I'm very open behind the keyboard and in the bedroom,i have no problem talking very openly about my turn ons and sex life,if people or friends ask me something i have no problem in talking about it,why be ashamed and shy about something you LOVE doing 😊 we are all different and all into different naughty things,i believe its good to share,and who knows..maybe learn something new to try 😉

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    I can talk about vanilla stuff with friends, we even bought sex toys together once. But I do keep the more kinky or private stuff to myself. I like to have this "secret" with my OH.

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    we are very open about it regular attend swingers clubs etc and happy to talk about the openness of our relationship some of our famly members know about this and say we should keep it in the bedroom but for us being open and talking to thers or about sex is fine

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    Would say with a partner I am quite open on what I like and willing to try, might not be straight away but wont leave it forever. I am not judgemental around what others enjoy, open to try it within reason and then will say if I like it or not. Isn't that what experimenting is all about?

    With family / friends / co-workers, definetly private. Don't discuss much of what I get up to in the bedroom, might of mentioned a few more "accepted" things in conversation, but considering one of the female chat magazines did a fetish that I am interested in and the reaction when people read it (nothing harmfull) was that of laughter and disgust, then I am less likely to open up. The same as was OrangeBoom said really.

    Think in relationship you have to communicate your sexual needs, otherwise you will always have these pent up feelings. However the other side of the relationship needs to value that trust and if you don't talk to your friends for fear of embarasment, they need to understand that and make sure thier friends will not exploit the situation if told.

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    i guess it's up to social envirenment and mood, also cultural base.

    i think im very open mind and have some unusual tastes.

    but i cant open those to others who around me ..even friends and husband.

    social mood is traditional education at all.

    most people have stereotype by such mood.

    so that reason, im a forced private person.... just guess ^^

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    I always thought I was non-judgemental: until I had a partner whose fantasies turned out to be illegal (as well as, from my perspective, deeply unpleasant)- I felt very guilty, as I had encouraged him to share and be open (though I don't believe there was anything that would have indicated I would either share or be turned on by these fantasies) but it made me feel physically sick. I couldn't continue to see him after that, because I was actually disgusted. So I would caution people of being wary of encouraging others to open up too early, or from asserting that you don't judge and are really cool etc etc as real life sometimes isn't that cut and dried.

    I have the kind of job where I can't be overly open about my bedroom preferences - but then, I probably wouldn't share them too much anyway, as I tend to prefer doing it to talking about it - and for the same reason, I don't go to munches or clubs in my local area. But it doesn't bother people if people do want to talk to me about their interests - as long as they aren't illegal: and I do state this up-front now!

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