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  1. Boobies!!!


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    Yay for boobies!!

    On a serious note, ladies! (And gents!) make sure you're checking yourselves regularly and get any changes checked sharpish!

    I've had a lump for a few weeks, been putting it off until last night I realised its larger and painful, this morning you can actually see it poking out under my nipple.

    Please get any changes checked. And don't forget those balls too guys!!

    Apologies if this is a duplicate of another thread but I've tried searching. :)

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    Thanks for the reminder Mm. I had a lump last year. I went to get it checked out, after a scan everything looks ok thank god. Look after yourself peeps. 😘

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    I try to check but it's very sporadically. I must make more of an effort. they say to try and do it on the same day every month to help you remember. How often do you check?

    MM get yourself checked out. It will stop you worrying. x

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    Very good advice, MysticalMayhem. I've had a scare a bit like yours and although it was nothing, it's worth getting it checked for peace of mind. I hope all goes well for you at the docs.

    Gents, please check yourselves, or get a lady to check for you. ;) A very good friend of mine is suffering from the consequences of not having something checked out.

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    Snap, I've had 5 biopsies now, always nothing to worry about but still better safe than sorry and to checked out x

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